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Green Tea – for Dandruff?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 26, 2008

Want a natural remedy for dandruff that won’t introduce harsh chemicals to your scalp and hair? Green tea is the answer! Yes, not only do the antioxidants in green tea help us fight cancer and detox fat cells, but it will naturally exfoliate the dry flakes which are the root of dandruff without dehydrating the skin.

By now, most of us have some green tea in our pantries. Just steep two bags of green tea in 1 cup hot water for 20 minutes to overnight. Once it has cooled, massage the strong tea into your scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes to an hour (if your hair is long, you can wrap it in a towel) and then rinse out – massaging scalp as you do to move the loosened flakes off of your scalp.


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The Benefits of EFT

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 25, 2008

EFT is something that my chiropractors and natural health practitioners have used on me for years, but I just found a website that will teach me to be able to do this technique on myself – for FREE!

What is EFT? From an article by Marguerita Vorobioff: “EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is an unbelievable breakthrough in therapy which is providing relief from pain, and helping to cure disease and emotional issues for thousands of people. Simply put, EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture without the needles, and it is performing miracles all over the world.

Our bodies energy meridian points were established thousands of years ago and have been used by many cultures for healing ever since then. EFT involves stimulating these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips. This tapping enables you to release stored trauma and negative emotions which disrupt your energy system, consequently bringing relief from pain on various levels.

A growing number of health practitioners, even in traditional medicine, now recognize the connection between our emotions and physical ailments, to the point where negative emotions are now considered to be the major contributor to most physical ailments. Instead of months or years of counseling, EFT can bring results in even one session. Positive results are literally experienced within minutes of beginning the tapping. This emotional clearing soon results in the fading of physical pain and discomfort. The symptoms may even vanish altogether. Emotional Freedom Technique also has the ability to change negative belief systems about ourselves that limit our potential and prevent us from living the life we deserve.

Once you have learned the EFT Technique you can use it anywhere for virtually anything. It is quick to learn and incredibly easy to use.

EFT can uncover some very surprising beliefs about yourself and your environment that you never knew you had. These revelations often enable a great deal of self- realization that can bring a rush of understanding, opening up a whole new and exciting world.”

If you are interested in learning more about this easy and painless technique, click on the following link: EFT Tutorial.

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Improve Your Skin – Sauna-style!

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 23, 2008

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Everyday, it is exposed to different toxins, dirt, stress, and more. While there are many ways to detoxify your skin, according to the skin experts, a sauna session is one of the best ways to clean, detoxify, and relieve stress from your skin. Not only is this technique very advantageous for your skin, but it also provides many benefits to your general well-being.

Making a sauna session a part of your beauty regimen is definitely one of the most effective and relaxing ways to unclog your pores. It is very advisable to those who have dry skin, oily skin or those who are prone to various skin problems such as acne or ingrown hair. After a sauna session, your skin feels smoother and tighter. Using a sauna is natural as opposed to skin peels and other skincare regimens which may actually introduce harmful chemicals into your skin’s pores. You can create your own sauna at home or you can find other establishments such as gym or day spa, who offer this kind of service.

After having a relaxing sauna session, you may choose to follow it up with a soothing facial or body mask to remove the dirt and toxins from the pores which are now open making the removal much easier. Another choice is to treat yourself to a massage as a way to achieve deeper removal of toxins, this time from the muscular level as well as the skin.

If you are reasonably healthy, there is no limit to how often you can enjoy the benefits of the sauna. However, there are those who should not use the sauna. These include people who are: suffering from asthma, are pregnant or have high blood pressure. As with anything, make sure to consult with your health care professional to ensure that you an safely enjoy the sauna.

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Chocolate Facial Recipe

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 22, 2008

Got this great recipe for a Chocolate Facial from Carole Fogarty at the Healthy Living Lounge – one of my favorite blogs:

The Authentic Chocolate Facial Recipe:

5 tablespoons raw cacao (cocoa powder) (sold at most good health food stores.
3 tablespoons organic honey (the darker the better)
3 – 5 tablespoons plain organic yogurt
A splash or two of oatmeal to bind

(This can be used on your hair as well.)

Mix the honey and cocoa powder together adding as much oatmeal and yogurt as needed to create a smooth yet thickish paste. The wetness of yogurts can vary greatly and will affect the consistency of the facial, so start with 2 tablespoons and increase as needed.
Note about the honey: Not all honeys are the same. According to an Illinois Research Program, the darker the honey is, the less water and the higher the antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content. Honey is antibacterial and antifungal, which supports the healing process of cuts and wounds.
Warning: Chocolate facials are addictive so administer wisely. One per week is the recommended dosage.

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Ion Detoxification – Does It Work?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 21, 2008

Ion Detoxification is a process wherein a person immerses their feet in a Ion Detox foot bath of warm water while the Ion generator produces millions of positive and negative ions. These Ions flow through the body and then are supposed to attach themselves to oppositely charged toxins and draw them out of the body through the soles of the feet. Hmmmmm.
While I am a big believer in the benefits of detoxification (having personally experienced them), I have to admit that I have not yet tried one of these Ionic Foot Baths nor the detox pads for the soles the feet (however these are one my list – as soon as I finish the Master Cleanse).
I have heard from a colonic therapist, who has many years experience in the alternative health field, that she has witnessed the results of the detox foot pads herself and through many of her clients – and this even with regular colon cleansing and a very clean organic diet.
It seems to me that if the detox foot pads are able to pull heavy metals and other toxins out through the feet, then it stands to reason that the Ion Detox Foot Bath could produce the same results through a different modality. The process reminds me a little of a magnet, and we all know that magnets have been used as a healing tool for thousands of years. As far as I am concerned – anything that pulls the toxins out of our bodies and helps them to function as they are supposed to is a great thing.
My question to you is: have any of you tried either the Ion Detox Foot Bath or the Detox Foot Pads? What was your experience with them? Did you feel that you received better results from one than the other? Please leave any comments you would like to make below!

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Is Stress Sabotaging Your Diet?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 20, 2008

Stress can be making you fat. Yes that is right – you may be eating really healthy, and watching your caloric intake, but still be gaining weight – depressing isn’t it? And the worst part is that when we gain weight, we add even more stress! So how do we break this vicious stress cycle?
We need to relax! Stop beating ourselves up because we only did 20 mins of cardio today instead of our usual 30 or because we had a piece of chocolate after that stressful meeting this morning. Love yourself! You still did some cardio and you ate a really healthy lunch. Focus on the positive! Be kind to yourself and give yourself an opportunity to relax and ease the stress.
How to relax when we have so much to do? Force yourself to carve out 20 – 30 mins and it will do you so much more good that spending that time mopping the floors!
During that 1/2 hour, do one of these things:

1. Take a hot bath. Hot baths are a wonderful way to release stress as you feel the warmth seep into your bones, and if you add some epsom salts or aromatherapy oil to the bath, you can detoxify and relax at the same time. (Note* Stress actually has been shown to create a toxic environment in our bodies, so anything we can do to ease this is beneficial!)

2. Meditate. If you have trouble focusing, try using a guided meditation CD (available at most book stores). Meditation slows down your breathing and your thinking – crucial to easing stress.

3. Take deep breaths. When we are stressed, we usually begin to rush and our heart rate goes up. By breathing deeply, drawing oxygen in through your nose and focusing on filling up your belly with it, then releasing it through your mouth – you are oxygenating your organs and expelling toxins and stress.

4. Exercise. When we are really stressed, sometimes it helps to go for a walk and appreciate nature, other times we may feel the need to punch something. Grab a pillow and beat it against your couch. Or put in a yoga or Pilates tape, letting the slow movements calm you.

5. Rest. Getting enough sleep is crucial to lowering our stress levels. If stress is keeping you up, drink some warm chamomile tea, take some melatonin, dab some lavender oil on your temples, put on a calming meditation CD (this works best for me).

Remember – the time you take for yourself now to lessen your stress level can save you lots of time later trying to undo the damage.
Love yourself!

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Getting paid to talk about what is important to you?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 20, 2008

A friend who had checked out my blog and enjoyed reading the information from the various posts, asked me whether I was getting paid to blog. “Paid to blog?” I said. “What do you mean?”
He then proceeded to give me the link to and told me that I could go to their site, sign up and then I would still get to choose the topics that I want to blog about but I would get paid for it at the same time! What an incredible opportunity!

So I went and checked it out. I found that PayPerPost had many posting opportunities available for products that I love and use on a regular basis and also many that I have been interested in trying out. I thought that this would give me the perfect opportunity to help the companies who make the products that make my life easier or better, by spreading the word; while putting a little extra cash in my pocket as well! There were opportunities available for every interest possible, and they were offered based on the type of blog you have. So rest assured that you won’t hear about an engine additive for your car on this blog – as I know absolutely nothing about the pros and cons of one over the other!

If you think that this is something you might be interested in as well, just visit the site at:

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Cure for the Common Cold?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 19, 2008

Many times over my lifetime I’ve had very ill family members I’ve cared for, but I did not get sick. However, when I have not taken good care of myself and allowed myself to get over-stressed or over-worked, I become an easy target for whatever is going around at the time. I have found that the best overall approach is to keep the body in top working order so the germs have no place to go.

Let’s start by understanding that a cold or a flu is simply a flushing of toxins from the system. The body grows toxic and weak and becomes a home for yeast, viruses, bacteria. These microbes release additional toxins as they reproduce. They damage the surrounding tissue creating more breeding grounds for microbes and that is how infection spreads.

The symptoms of fever, runny nose, etc., are created by the body’s immune response to both inhibit the growth and spread of the microbes to flush the toxins from the system and clean up the body’s environment so there are no more breeding grounds. Therefore, the goal is to help the body detoxify and flush out the irritation. The faster this happens, the sooner you will be well.

Here are some basic things to do for colds and other acute ailments:

When you feel a cold or any acute ailment coming on, stop eating. This is usually easy to do because we tend to lose our appetite when we are acutely ill. If you are hungry, limit your intake of foods to liquids preferably fresh fruit or vegetable juices or soup broths. Drink plenty of liquids to flush toxins.

Do something to open the bowels. Drink some fiber, psyllium husks, or take some other type of colon cleanse product to clean the toxins out of the colon. This will also speed the elimination of toxins from other parts of the body.

Get yourself to perspire. If you are not up to going to the gym to use their sauna or steam room, you can easily do a sweat bath at home. Get in a hot bath with 2 cups Epsom salts to 1 cup baking soda and soak for at least 20 minutes. You can even add a pure, essential oil such as Tea Tree oil, or eucalyptus, or lemon. After the bath, put on some warm sweats, go to bed and pile on some blankets, drink plenty of liquids, and sweat the cold out.

Do not use antihistamines, cough suppressants, etc. Instead, use an expectorant and decongestant to break up mucus and help the body get rid of it (there are many natural choices available at your local health food store). If you feel there is fluid in your lungs, take one High Potency Garlic tablet.capsule with each dose of of the decongestant/expectorant.

I’ve gotten over colds in as little as a few hours following these procedures. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but it has always shortened the duration and severity of the illness.

It is true that herbs have some direct antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral actions but more importantly, herbs have the capacity to help rebalance the terrain in the body so that it is no longer a host environment for the microbes. So this is important: select remedies based on looking at your body and how it needs to be strengthened and not by the organism that’s inhabiting it.

Finally, your best remedy overall is a healthy body. Make sure you are taking core nutrients such as a vitamin and mineral combination, a good-quality Omega-3, and an something to keep the immune system in good order (various herbal combinations are readily available at any health food store).

We live in a busy world and because of that, we don’t always eat the right foods or get the rest we need. While we can’t remove all the stressors from our life, we can help our body to better deal with the issues. This is where the core nutrients come into play. Keep the body pumped with nutrients and don’t forget your children and spouse need these things too! And enjoy Great Health!

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Weight Loss – Is It All In Your Head?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 18, 2008

You can lose the weight – you just have to put your mind to it. How many times have you heard this from a variety of well-meaning people? Has it worked for you? If not, then maybe you need to change how you are interpreting what they mean.

Anyone who has been on a diet – and who hasn’t been – knows that willpower is rarely the issue. When we want to lose weight, we are willing to do almost anything. It is when it doesn’t work that we get discouraged and quit.

So what does it mean to “put your mind to it”? I think that it may better thought of in terms of the popular book “The Secret”. If we get a picture in our minds (or posted on the refrigerator) of what we want our body to look like and then in our minds, we begin seeing ourselves looking like that – we are on the right track. When it may not happen as fast as we would like it to, we need to stay positive and realize that we are on the way! We have made the changes that we need to and it is only a matter of time until we get there. When we have the urge to give up, focusing on what we KNOW we are working towards and that we have already done the hard part – getting started – we will eventually make it!

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Purified Water for Showering?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 17, 2008

So we have done the Master Cleanse and are feeling better than we have since we were kids – now how do we keep this wonderful feeling of health and not get toxic again?

Obviously, we need to keep on top of what we are putting into our bodies. The more organic fruits & vegetables and high-fiber foods the better. We need to do what we can to keep our stress level as low as possible (yeah right!). Stay away from over-processed food and toxic chemicals whenever possible. Okay – we can do that – as long as we are aware of the chemicals. But what about the chemicals that we may not even realize we are being exposed to?

The air we breathe and the water supplied to our homes is suspect, although much improvement has been made over the last 20 years or so. We are definitely more conscious of the quality of water we drink. At home most of us drink treated/filtered water, and when we travel, we drink bottled water. But what about the water used in the stalls and restaurants when we order cold drinks or even fruit juices? Do they use tap water, bottled/treated water or boiled water? If we order hot drinks, we can at least assume that the water is boiled first.

And what about the water we bathe and shower with? Remember that the skin is the largest organ and it absorbs some of the water and whatever contaminants we “wash” it with. Not only that, but the heat from the shower turns the chemicals into vapors that we also breathe in – chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and whatever else is in the water. It would be great if every home could have an water treatment system that ensures the entire household water supply is clean. This not always being possible,
the use of a filter in the shower
and for the water we drink and cook with is a step in the right direction.

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