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Chamomile – What Are It’s Uses?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on January 10, 2008

Heard of Chamomile – probably as a tea – but aren’t sure what it is good for?
Remember the story of Peter Rabbit – who ate himself sick in Mr. McGregor’s garden and got chased out at the wrong end of a hoe? Peter’s mother gave him chamomile tea to soothe his aching stomach.
Traditionally, chamomile tea has been used a remedy for indigestion, anxiety and wounds (among others). German herbalists once used chamomile so extensively, they called it “alles zutraut“(aw-les tsu-trout), which means “capable of anything.” While that is an exaggeration, I have vivid memories of drinking mass amounts of chamomile tea whenever there was ANYTHING wrong me as a child.
Recent studies show that this popular herbal beverage does indeed relieve stomach distress, prevent ulcers, speed their healing and helps fight infection by stimulating the immune system. It also has mild relaxant and sedative properties and is therefore great for calming jangled nerves. Chamomile tea is also an excellent home remedy for indigestion, heartburn and infant colic.


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