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The Candida Cure

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 6, 2008

As mentioned in the previous post (“What is Candida and do I have it?), we are back with a comprehensive protocol for ridding your body of the Candida overgrowth.
1st and foremost is your diet – what you eat!

You MUST eliminate:
* Sugar – all types: (Beyond the obvious – anything that ends in “ose” (lactose, dextrose,fructose, maltose, etc. Check all ingredient lists!) Just as when baking – sugar causes yeast to grow!
Yeast products: Bread, cakes, pizza, croutons etc.
Refined grains: White flour products, pasta, cornflour, cereals etc. Oatmeal is okay just don’t sweeten it.
* Cured & smoked products: bacon, meats, sausage etc.
* Fermented products: vinegar, pickles, soy sauce, alcohol
* Caffeine: tea, coffee, chocolate, etc.
* Milk Products: yogurt and cottage cheese are acceptable (preferably organic!)
* Fruit: fresh, juice or dried (some fresh fruit can be added after three weeks under the direction of your therapist)
* Mushrooms
* Peanuts and peanut products

These items all help the Candida to thrive – just think of the yeast rising like a loaf of bread in your stomach if you are craving these foods! The short-term elimination is worth it!

Enjoy unlimited quantities of the following foods:

Onions and garlic: have properties which help kill off the Candida
Fresh vegetables and their juices: (Organic when possible and beware of carrot juice- it contains a lot of sugar) salads with lots of veggies are a wonderful choice
Rice cakes (make sure there are no sweeteners!)
Soy milk, butter, cottage cheese and yoghurt (Organic if possible and again check for sweeteners especially in soy milk and yogurt).
Herbs and Spices (remember no soy sauce or vinegar!)
Nuts and seeds (preferably raw and no peanuts)
Water and herb teas
Cold pressed oils
Brown rice and Oats (porridge makes an excellent breakfast – make with water and serve with nuts, seeds and yogurt)
Meats: (Unprocessed preferably organic or free-range)
Fish: (Preferably unprocessed – oily fish is best (i.e. Salmon)
Eggs, Lentils, Peas and Beans

2nd are supplements to help kill off the overgrowth of Candida:
You can go into any health food store and find a variety of supplements/cleanses to rid your body of the candida. Ask the director of the supplement department to go over the options with you and explain anything else they think you should know about the product. Regardless of which brand you choose, all should contain:
Oregano oil and/or peppermint oil: these oils are thought to prevent the overgrowth of candida. It is usually recommended for at least several months. A standard dosage is two capsules two times a day with water, in between meals. Pure volatile oils can be quite toxic in this amount so the liquid form of these oils should never be ingested, and the capsules should not be broken open before ingesting.
Acidophillus: The beneficial bacteria acidophillus is thought to control candida by making the intestinal tract more acidic, discouraging the growth of candida, and by producing hydrogen peroxide, which directly kills candida. These beneficial bacteria also help to restore the microbial balance within the digestive tract.
Fiber: One teaspoon to one tablespoon of soluble fiber containing guar gum, psyllium husks, flaxseeds or pectin can be mixed in an 8 oz glass of water two times per day on an empty stomach.
Enteric-coated garlic: Garlic capsules that have been enteric-coated to open when they reach the intestines are often be used in combination with the volatile oils. Once capsule two times per day taken with the enteric-coated volatile oil is a typical recommendation.
Other valuable ingredients are: caprylic acid from coconuts, oleic acid from olive oil, and pau d’arco.

3rd and found to be highly effective are a series of colonics. In this procedure (also known as colon hydrotherapy) warm water is introduced into the colon and washes out the candida that is in the large intestine. Not only does this clean out the large intestine but it also makes it easier for the rest of your body to rid itself of the candida through the proper diet and with the help of the herbal supplements to kill the Candida off. It is suggested to do 3 colonic sessions per week for two weeks for the best results.

Good luck to you on your journey to a healthier life – without the candida!


3 Responses to “The Candida Cure”

  1. Yeast overgrowth is not widely recognized by medical doctors as a problem. Especially if don’t have the outward symptoms such as thrush, etc. The fact is yeast overgrowth can cause a whole host of problems. Getting your bacterial flora back in balance can help you overcome digestive, skin, fatigue and other problems.

  2. constipation home remedies…

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  3. There is definately a great deal to learn about this topic.
    I love all of the points you made.

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