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Learn to LOVE Yourself! Part 3

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 8, 2008

Keep your body toned and balanced. There is nothing more beautiful than a body that is toned and balanced. Notice we didn’t say thin or having a “model-perfect” body – but toning the body you have! You can be have a toned body even if you have some extra weight you would like to lose! When you are toned – you move differently – you stand taller, hold your head higher, walk more confidently – and it shows! Muscles that are long and toned you will make your look and feel more gorgeous.

Here are some things you can do right now – wherever you are . . .

If you stand up straight and stretch your body upwards from the waist it will make you appear much slimmer and taller. Learn to walk elegantly by swinging your legs from the hips and placing one foot in front of the other as though you are following a straight line. Also the movement should be diagonal i.e. as your left arm swings forward, so should your right leg and as your right arm swings forward, so should your left leg. This will give a definite twist to your torso, look extremely sexy and do wonders for your confidence. Love the wonderful, amazing body that you have!


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