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Reiki . . . Is that a mushroom?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 9, 2008

What is Reiki? Is that some obscure kind of mushroom? No – here is the definition of Reiki from Reiki Master Jo Ann Levine:

Reiki is an ancient art of healing through touch. A Reiki healer adjusts the energy of the client’s body by laying on of hands in order to harmonize the phyiscal, emotional, spiritual and mental frequencies. Stress is released and replaced by a sense of increased vitality. A Reiki healing session creates a feeling of total relaxation and harmony, and simultaneously, renewed energy and strength. This relaxation method, performed in a comfortable and nurturing environment, enhances overall well-being.

“Hocus pocus” was a reaction that was given by a sceptic. “How can that work?” We are here to tell you it does – from personal experience! Waking up one morning with excruciating pain in my right hip and finding when I tried to stand up that the joint wouldn’t support me – I made an immediate appointment with my chiropractor, thinking that an adjustment was what was needed.
While driving to the appointment, I tried to figure out what could have caused this: I was in my early 30’s, in relatively good health, hadn’t done any unusually strenuous activity, couldn’t remember injuring it – what could it be? After being examined by the chiropractor and being adjusted and having the joint stimulated with mild electric shocks – the pain was better but the joint was still weak. My chiropractor referred me to a Reiki Master Jo Ann Levine, saying that it must be blocked energy. I had dabbled in alternative therapies for about 6 years, but even I was sceptical about this! However … it is amazing what an incentive a good dose of pain is!
As I hobbled and shuffled my way up to the door, I remember praying feverishly for this to help ease the pain. I was taken into a relaxing treatment room with a fountain bubbling gently in the background, the blinds lowered and laid down om my back on a massage table fully-dressed (with the exception of my shoes). I was told to relax and just clear my mind and if I fell asleep that was just fine.
I did my best to clear my mind but was having a hard time not focusing on the pain. As Jo Ann worked her way down my body clearing my energy (hands hovering over my body but never actually touching it), it was easier and easier to relax. As her hands neared the area around my right hip, I was amazed to feel intense heat in that area. While it was intense, it was also extremely soothing – a little like being in a sauna – warm but the kind of warmth that gets deep inside your body and relaxes you.
At the end of my hour-long session, I was thrilled to find that when I stood up – not only was the pain gone, but the hip joint was feeling strong and healthy. I walked out as steadily as I normally do. What a difference from the hobble/shuffle I was doing on my way in!
Over the years, I have seen amazing results from Reiki healing – emotional issues cleared, major and minor (a wart on a young girl’s foot died off through Reiki treatments) physical issues resolved – it is simply amazing! I have taken the courses to become a Reiki healer, and while I do not heal for a living – the results of working on myself and friends and family have been wonderful!


4 Responses to “Reiki . . . Is that a mushroom?”

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  2. Debbie said

    Reiki is also used in many hospitals today and proven to work but they can’t prove how it works!
    It is wonderful.

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