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Ion Detoxification – Does It Work?

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 21, 2008

Ion Detoxification is a process wherein a person immerses their feet in a Ion Detox foot bath of warm water while the Ion generator produces millions of positive and negative ions. These Ions flow through the body and then are supposed to attach themselves to oppositely charged toxins and draw them out of the body through the soles of the feet. Hmmmmm.
While I am a big believer in the benefits of detoxification (having personally experienced them), I have to admit that I have not yet tried one of these Ionic Foot Baths nor the detox pads for the soles the feet (however these are one my list – as soon as I finish the Master Cleanse).
I have heard from a colonic therapist, who has many years experience in the alternative health field, that she has witnessed the results of the detox foot pads herself and through many of her clients – and this even with regular colon cleansing and a very clean organic diet.
It seems to me that if the detox foot pads are able to pull heavy metals and other toxins out through the feet, then it stands to reason that the Ion Detox Foot Bath could produce the same results through a different modality. The process reminds me a little of a magnet, and we all know that magnets have been used as a healing tool for thousands of years. As far as I am concerned – anything that pulls the toxins out of our bodies and helps them to function as they are supposed to is a great thing.
My question to you is: have any of you tried either the Ion Detox Foot Bath or the Detox Foot Pads? What was your experience with them? Did you feel that you received better results from one than the other? Please leave any comments you would like to make below!


346 Responses to “Ion Detoxification – Does It Work?”

  1. Teresa said

    I would like the answer to your question also. A friend said he tried the detox foot bath and it worked for him. He felt light-headed and they had him replenish his system with pedialyte and vitamins before he could leave.
    I’ve spent hours researching this therapy on the internet but found more sites saying it was a hoax and fraud than an honest medical treatment.

    What is the verdict? If it were a true medical treatment, wouldn’t a medical doctor be advertising and selling the service?

    • danielle said

      Medical doctors do not perform the detox foot bath because it makes them no money. Charging $35-$50 a session is nothing to them. I have personally experienced the Detox foot bath and have seen many health benefits from it.

      • Brandon said

        You’re kidding, right? You realize doctors who work in a clinic that isn’t their own get paid on salary, not on the number of patients? And actually, $35-50 a patient per session when they’re seeing patients every 15-30 minutes every day would definitely be some serious cash: Something like $2800 a week per doctor at the very least, not considering other treatments. Pretty sure the money isn’t the reason why they don’t use it. Maybe because it’s one of the older parlor tricks in the book: Electrolysis. The same trick door-to-door salesmen used to use to “reveal” contaminates in your water supply to convince you to buy a water filter – when in actuality, they themselves were introducing the contamination.
        Run your detox without your feet in it. Still changes color. Weird, huh?

        The only real benefit is the relaxation, and possibly the tingling of the electricity, but you can get much less messy foot baths for that.

        Oh and just so you know, the water doesn’t even get ionized.

        But you know what they say: It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

    • Kay said

      I have had intensive experience both with the detox foot bath (5 years of doing 20-100 person clinics). I have had reports of all kinds. It is my summation that the people looking for a quick fix are never going to find it. The detox foot bath is a tool to help one on their journey to good health. Good health requires serious attention to every detail.

      I will mention this, I had a client who works as a diesel mechanic and I can tell you that I have never had water results show what his did. It was heavy and fluffy just like diesel grease.

      I still actively offer detox foot bath sessions at my clinic and am very happy with the results. For myself personally the experience cleared my lungs after my fourth session.

      Medical Doctors are not allowed to advocate anything natural. My mother has cancer and Drs claim that chemo is the ONLY way to heal her.

    • Daniel said

      This works, if you want it too. The entire basis of this idea is a placebo effect. It only works if you want it too. There is absolutely no physiological way this would have any effect on you besides killing nerve endings in your feet. The “cure” is all in your head and in the false conceptions that are placed in the object being able to “cure” you or make you feel better.

      • Dayna said

        I disagree with Daniel. I think it does work as I have also seen mechanics detox and the water looks like a thick oil and usually smells like it also. That is not in ones head. I am not saying it is a cure but I believe it pulls out toxins. My question to Daniel is this “Have you ever had a detox or been around it at all?” I am thinking that the answer is more than likely no.

      • Kathy said

        I do have to agree with Dayna. Foot detox helps with my allergies. For many years I couldn’t breathe, thanks for the foot detox, I can breathe again.

      • Dr S said

        Daniel, while the relaxation may be creating your “placebo effect”, the process of using charged ions to detox, improve circulation and facilitate healing has been medically proven in the USA, Russia and the East for many years. Yes, it’s true that western, “orthodox” medicine cannot legally promote alternative methodology (we are, afterall, a trillion dollar pharmaceutically-driven country), but some doctors here incorporate foot detox into health programs for various illnesses, due to proven success.

      • Tiana Ross said

        Dear Daniel, I got a mosquito born virus 2 years ago which left my hips and joints of my fingers with viral arthuritus. After 4 months of using the ionic detox I suddenly noticed the pain in them has deceased dramaticaly – I wasnt even doing the detox for this reason but what a delightful added bonus. Im also Diabetic and have done my blood sugars before and after the foot bath _ it decreased it by 9 points! excersize doesnt even do that. Thats NOT placebo. It pisses me off that such and amazing invention is being so dissed – usualy by people like you who havn’t tried it (maybe theres nothing wrong with you – lucky you). Fact is its highly alkalizing to bl, tissues and organs and enrgizis the cells so they can detox more efficiently and the bowels and kidneys can eliminate more efficiently. Tiana Ross

    • Adriana said

      Hi, my name is Adriana. We have had an ionic foot bath for over 5 years at our house and we do it once a week. I love it. I know when it is time for me to do a session when my hand starts to hurt. Arthritis runs in my family and I have it too. As soon as I feel the sensation in my hands, I do a foot cleanse and then I am good for a week. My friend had severe acid build-up in her shoulder and only faithfully foot bath sessions have cleared it all up. We couldn’t do without our ionic foot cleanse. I write all about this on my website, so, check it out for yourself. It is interesting to read the different opinions: it is one extreme (hoax) to the next. I think only people who have tried it on a regular basis, know what I am talking about.

      • Mary Troyer said

        Hi Adriana,
        I would love to visit your website. Would you be willing to share it with me?

      • Craig said

        Hi Mary,

        We have been detoxing people since 2003 helping them with numerous health issues. You can read our story at The detox foot baths are what brought my mother’s health back years ago and now we share them with the world…let me know if you have any questions and please feel free to contact me.


      • Hi Mary,
        I am sorry it took so long. Here is my website: and then particularly the page on the ionic foot bath. I hope this helps. Maybe you have received your answers already then just discard this.
        Have a great day!

      • Chris said

        I would like to know which Ion Foot bath to purchase that delivers the best results for the best economical price.

        I had a Ion Foot bath last Saturday and will be having two more. My first experience leads me to believe that I did not experience placebo being that I have a known medical condition and some organic sludge showed up indicating the same. I felt cleanser also.

        Please be truthful and straight forward!


      • Jo said

        Can I ask what system you have and where it can be bought?

    • Nancy said

      I had my second ionic foot detox bath tonight and I do believe they help. When I left, I felt just a bit light headed but did not have one pain in my joints. It draws from different areas in your body (according to the color chart she had). Yellow or orange (can’t remember which it is) draws from kidney’s and bladder, black is from liver, brown is from liver, tobacco and cellular debris, and I can’t remember what green is. Sorry. White foam is cleansing lymphatic system and reddish is from blood clot material. I was totally amazed and plan on continuing this.

    • dan said

      I read an article staten that ionic foot detox studies show that the acidic blood over a period of time doing the detox showed to change the blood to alkilinity. If it does than the machine is doing more than detoxin alone. One person said his machine had stainless componets in his tub and he watch for sometime for water colouration but nothing happened, until he put his feet in. I’ll except his test results. Some of you may have cheaper models that expose iron to the water, inwhich could turn your water to different color. But concider the electrolyis going thru your body, and the powerful force that can seperate molecules in your body,as well as the water. It can be dumping the waste thru your natuaral process to your colon, and urinenations. So don’t be to quick to rule out that ionic foot baths don’t work. I promise you this one thing electrical current is flowing thru your body naturaly, and thru these machines.

    • Paul Brown said

      I see a natural-path on occasion and recently opted for a bio cleanse with my feet in the foot bath. I was amazed at how ugly the water was after the 23 minutes session. I decide to order a unit for myself so my wife and I could use it at home. We were excited to see it arrive and tried it out. Sure enough, my water was a gross brown after 30 minutes. My wife asked: “How do we know that stuff isn’t from the machine?” Good question, I thought. So I ran a little test with the array dunked into a discarded paper cup large enough to submerge the array in water but no feet. After 5 minutes the water was a slimy green and brown. Hmmmm, is some of the hype about these devices because they generate those awful colors on their own and we the public and the doctors who use them don’t know it??? I’d sure like to know more of the science on this thing before touting its virtues!

  2. Debra said

    Yes, I have tired both.
    The Ionic Detoxification works. After it is done I feel very relaxed, sleep better, have more energy. I have also used the pads. I don’t feel the same from them as I do the foot detox. You can also use the pads on aches and pains. You apply the patch to the area that is hurting it pulls detoxins away from the area. You won’t see stuff on the pad once you pull it off as you will see when pulling them from your feet. I use both. Someone once said get the issues out of your tissues.

    • Kay said

      The foot pads can only pull from the feet. They are not truly ionic as advertized as ions are caused by electricity as in a waterfall, etc. It’s nice to know they can be used elsewhere.

  3. Vivian said

    I have been very tired and fatigued for months now . not wanting to do anything. Yesterday I had my first Ionic foot detox. I was out of bed by 7 am, had my housework done before 11 am. I feel so much more relaxed and not as fatigued as before. I plan on trying them for awhile and see . To anyone that would like to know I got mine through a Chiropractor. I feel a Chiropractor who is licensed must know if they work or not and I did talk to people in the office that has used them as well.

  4. charmari said

    Hi everyone,
    Iwish to confirm some excellent results use the foot bath ion detoxification. We have in people with chronic diseases like arthritis, high blood pressure, none specific body aches. All report improved energy, pain and an improvement in their quality of life. I can connect you to an excellent source of the equipment. The process works!!

    • Richard Lash said

      Hi Charmari,

      Looking for source/information about Detox. My wife is on high blood pressure and heart medication….it is my understanding that one should not use detox equipment with these conditions…..what say you.


    • ellen said

      Hi can you tell me if you purchased your own Icon foot Detox and if so what Brand did u purchase . Can you use the icon foot detox with diabets type 2. My husband has type 2 but does not take any med. Trys to keep it under control with a good diet. Also I am prehypertension. No meds. Just good diet.

  5. Patty said

    A friend told us about the ion detox foot bath. My husband is a sevear diabetic and was having touble regulating his diabeties. Twice I have had to call paramedics because his blood sugars would drop below 20 at night. We were constantly changing his medication dosage. He was doubtful, I was hopeful.

    After 4 treatments he has more energy, his blood sugar is stablizing. His face does not looked “stressed” any longer and he is now a firm believer. We are anxious for his next doctor’s appointment to see what his blood work reports show.

    I to have been using the foot bath and while I did not have his health problems, I feel more relaxed. But I am still having problems with psorias which I had hoped it would help. But I intend to continue to use it to see if it will help.

    • Michelle said

      I thought I might share some news I found out that may help with your skin problem. I myself have been fighting a 12yr battle with adult acne, which I recently found out isn’t even acne. lol I have Keratiosis Pillaris (K&P is a build up if excess Keritain in you pore’s around the hair follical forming a plug).

      My son also suffers from a ezcema/phorisis? on the and my husband has ezcema as well. So I figured there has to be some connection of why we are suffering from skin conditions went we all had clear skin all of our lives.

      Here’s what I came up with after months and months of research: we are poisoning our bodys daily with the products we use. ( you can google and read millions of scientifical reports on this) Paraben (in most face care & cosmetics inc. hair care body cream etc, etc…), SLS know as Sodium Laurayl Sulfate (salt found in almost all soap products we use daily inc shampoo & cond. & bodywashes. also inc. dish soap, laundy det. and floor cleaners etc. etc…) and Phthalate ( which is a hormone disruptor) Petroleum inc Mineral Oil wich is the liquid form are not so good either.

      All cause the skin conditions we are having. I recently rid my house of anything with these ingredients in them, I am not a health fanatic that is telling you to go all natural, I am just telling you what has worked for us. since we stopped washing with SLS in our products I noticed a diffrence immediately! for the first time I came out of the shower I did have blotchy red spots on me (have got them all my life after showers) and the K&P bumps I suffer from have almost vanashed and it’s only been 1 1/2wks. my son & husband’s ezecma is clearing too.

      These ing. are not banned from products as the small amounts put in them are not a health risk as far as some are concerned, but some people react more from them then others do. Also they don’t take in concideration that they are in all of the products I am using so that increases the intake rate massivly!!! some of these ing. stay in your body in deep tissue absorbtion and they desensitize our skin over time. (when I uses reg. soap to wash my hads lately they started itching and getting red, since I been using my new products, showing now that they are out of my system my body no longer is desesitized and it is reacting to the posion I am putting on it)

      I was using Proactive for 2yrs just dryign out my skin, they have Paraben’s in all their line I was using so it would heal the problem and as the dryed up blemish would come off I would have a new white bump under the fresh skin, which I couldn’t understan. As I was healing it I was also making a new one from the Paraben in the product, WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!

      SLS can enter your blood stream from just one shower with the shampoo and bodywash you use. Going to your heart, lungs, eyes & brain (causes neroligical problems inc. depression in long term use) maybe that’s why all my teenage son’s girl friends are all depressed. lol (the rate of depressed teens is high now adays)

      I stumbled upon a site about the link of Paraben and K&P and kept googling more for other links and found it also is the cause for your problem and ezecma too.

      I am now using Burts Bee’s body wash and shampoo and cond. and their body lotion as it is free of all of these chemicals. I found a cheaper line called “Live Clean” I bought the baby line for my 7yr old, it’s under $6 a bottle. as apposed to the $15 bottles of Burts Bee’s. I do not endorse any products this is just what works for me, and I know I have been going through this sturggle for so long that I know how you must feel, so I thought I would try and help. I live in Canada and purchased all the products from Wal-mart.

      Please let me know if it works for you, I know its feels horrible to have skin problems. If you want to contact me I can share more info what they actually do to your body when you use them, too long to post here, and the other names they hide under in the ingredience lists. lol

      Hope this can help you the way it did us!

      • Milen said

        Hi Michelle
        It’s great and very nice of you sharing all this discovering s about the fraud they sell us everywhere!
        Let more people know it and reject their garbage which poisons us and the next generations…

        God bless you!

      • Garrett said

        Just kind of following up on the soaps, other suggestions might be Dr. Bonners soaps and Union Street Soapworks (only sold online or at certain farmers markets) are a great source for natural soaps without all the extra toxins.

      • Christine said

        Are you all cleared up? Candida can cause skin issues, too.

  6. Pam said

    HI, I bought a bath for my home and it is wonderful,I used it on my daughter in law and she was so toxic that it made her eyes turn red and swell. But we did it again and she is lots better now.I had it to high I think. But I would say everyone use it.

  7. Lynn said

    The detox foot baths do work. I have suffered from high blood pressure, arthirits, stress etc. for years. While having my detox I sipped on a tropical drink called “Original LIMU,” which is a super nutient supplement which replenishes the body after the detox. If interested you can visit

    As soon as I had my foot detoxed and sipped on the LIMU I was so relaxed, I had this euphoric feeling come over me. I felt like I was 20 years old again. I honestly feel that I have a second chance on life.

  8. Lynda said

    I’ve personally had six ionic foot detox sessions at my chiropractor’s office. The night following my first, a small black patch appeared on my arm overnight with slight reddening around it. It felt rough to the touch, but was sufficiently under the skin that I could not remove it. Following my 2nd detox session, the small patch was close enough to the top of the skin that I could remove it with my fingernail. It appeared to be a very small fragment of metal. I cannot find any real science to substantiate the effectiveness of these machines, but I plan to purchase one. I believe there is some basis for their effectiveness, although most is anectdotal in nature.

  9. Crystal said

    Good Morning to All,

    I actually work for the 3rd company the ever manufactured these ionic footbbaths, they are awesome. We have actually just release a brand new one of a kind footbath with rife frequencies plus the detox. The rife frequencies offer a variety of settings from cancer, fibromylagia, arthritis, relaxation, pathogens, parasites, schumann and the original Bio-Cleanse detox. If you would like more info on these units please let me know.

    • Richard Lash said

      Hi Crystal,

      Would appreciate information on this detox equipment etc.

      Thank you, Dick

    • Will this device remove plaque build up in arteries over time. Please advise

    • ellen said

      Could you please send me more info on the icon detox for home use. Thank you

    • Can you email more info on this particular foot spa. I am interested in buying one and want to explore which is the better one to buy. If a particular foot spa has added benefits, then I would be ken to buy it. Dianne

      • Lisa said

        I don’t think this machine is made anymore as the link does not go anywhere. I use the 3 in 1 FIT Detox Foot Bath by Healthier Living 4 You. I like it because it has the Far Infrared Heat which I love. It has the ion cleanse part and the TENS machine which has really helped my neck and knee. Google them if you want, there machine comes with a 6 year warranty as well and when I call to ask questions I get good answers. This machine has helped me regain my energy and I no longer have aches and pains like I once did.
        I highly recommend detoxing.

  10. Jacob said

    lol – you guys also probably subscribe to UFO monthly, the Loch Ness Digest, and are voting for Obama.

  11. Of course they don’t work. I posted an article about Detox Foot Baths a while back.

    • Of course they work. You have obviously not experienced it yourself or if you did, were so full of toxins that you did not tough it out to get them all out. Enjoy your toxified life while you still can: it won’t last much longer and what little you have left will become a living hell… How sad.

  12. Pedro said

    I have been sick for about 1 month since I inhaled paint solvent for several days. First I had severe sore throat, general weakness, disnea, and cough. Then came the neurological symptoms with heavyness in both legs, eye problems to adjust to light, vertigo, delutions while going to sleep, memory loss. I read about heavy metal intoxication and all symptoms fitted in, so I went to a ion foot bath detox. I felt better from the first session. So, I don´t believe in this thing but… it works! By the way, before the ion foot bath I had gone through several detox natural treatments, Homeopathy and acupuncture with results.

    • Judy W said

      Pedro – you should go to the 9-11 memorial and read about the detox center set up in New York City. Rescue workers and those who lived closed to the trade centers got seriously ill. Could not breathe, lost the ability to walk, nerve problems, etc. – they tried all sorts of meds and oxygen etc. and then went through the detox program (it involves more than the foot detox) and had their health restored. Since it sounds like your exposure was that serious – you should go check out this site. The detox center was funded by Tom Cruise, so you could probably search it that way. Good luck!

  13. Quinn said

    I believe that this is a scam. I just saw one today (didn’t take one, that’s why I said ‘believe’ and not ‘know’) and from what I saw, it’s simply a piece of metal in water that’s splicing the H2O molecules into H and O2. The O2 would then combine with the iron or steel that’s on the piece of metal in the water and turn to rust, thus the brown color. The other colors (purble, blue, red, etc) would form because the salt molecules would bond with the Hydrogen and make different substances, with different colors. It makes sense, it’s fake. For all you believers, I have no idea what made you better, but it definitely wasn’t a footbath with a piece of metal in it.

    • Van_Yulay said

      Ok for all you people that think it is a scam. When I do my detox, I have parasites come out into the water. How do you explain that one? Swimming around. Yuck!! Then my next question is. How do you make rust in 30 minutes? Silly people it takes time to make rust!

      • Jesse said

        If people would simply use common sense….I have one and I love it. This post is for Quinn. The Arrays are made of stainless steel…how do you make stainless steel RUST!!!! and if you really truly want a fool proof test simply turn the unit on and dont stick your feet in and watch the water stay clear! amazing huh now stick your feet in and watch that nasty stuff come out of you!

        I will go toe to toe defending this product email me lovestohike27 at

      • Michael Trace said

        I had my first foot spa detox today. When I first went there I was sceptical, my wife had told me about the parasites that had come out of her and I I thought (yer right) but decided to go to see for myself. After about 15 mins I looked in to the water (which now was starting to look foul) and saw small parasites, I thought (oh my god she’s right) and by midway through there was more and more in the water and by the end there was a couple of larger one’s about 15mm long floating around. I took photo’s to show my wife and friends to prove that it was real. You can believe me or not, I have no reason to make it up, I’m not trying to sell the product. The best thing for you to do is try it your self and make up your own mind from your own experience. Good Luck

      • Rose King said

        my husband made me one a few yrs ago finally decided to bring it out again.He made it with stainless steel and plexie glass.The first few times I used it the water was a brown but then I was in better health,today im not as health and now using it the water is a reddish brown and lots of sediment

    • Beth said

      Well, I had this treatment done today at a booth at the State Fair. I was a skeptic and asked a lot of questions, not really getting sufficient answers. I paid for 30 minutes. I noticed the color was coming from the machine, not from my feet, and asked about this. They gave me some story that I can’t even recall anymore; their explanation didn’t make much sense to me. After I was done with the first session, I told the lady I wanted to do it again, with another tub of clean water. They put the mechanism in the water, but I didn’t put my feet in the water. I sat there and watched for about 5 minutes, and brown, rusty stuff kept coming out of the machine!! After about 5 minutes, this lady comes over and GRABS my legs and very rudely put them into the water and started getting very rude with me. My take on that was, if she didn’t have anything to hide., WHY did she react like that? I paid her my $30 – it was my business if I put my feet in the water. If she didn’t have anything to hide, it seems to me she would have WELCOMED the opportunity to prove the skeptic wrong! I believe it is a SCAM!

      • Sue said

        It sounds like you got scammed but that does not make all ion foot baths a scam. I wouldn’t do it at a state fair unless it was operated by a respected local health practitioner.

  14. David said

    Hi all – I have tried several ion cleanse sessions and I can say without a doubt that it works wonders. I am no scientist or anything but I can tell you that I am a hockey player and a construction worker who was plagued with chronic back pain and fatigue for years; I gained some weight and was really unmotivated to do anything. That’s when my wife (god bless her!) recommended I try one of the ion cleansing foot baths. I was pretty skeptical but the next day after my first session I felt more energetic and had less pain in my knees and back. I had a few more sessions until I decided it was time we bought our own and we have never looked back. I would recommend though that if you are going to purchase one for the home (or a spa or whatever) that you do your homework! There are a lot of scams out there – we purchased ours from a Canadian company <a href=””<…pretty good deal and we saved shipping buying online.
    I’m happier at work, I’m back at on the ice…life is good. I just wish the Leafs were playing better!

  15. David said

    Hi all – I have tried several ion cleanse sessions and I can say without a doubt that it works wonders. I am no scientist or anything but I can tell you that I am a hockey player and a construction worker who was plagued with chronic back pain and fatigue for years; I gained some weight and was really unmotivated to do anything. That’s when my wife (god bless her!) recommended I try one of the ion cleansing foot baths. I was pretty skeptical but the next day after my first session I felt more energetic and had less pain in my knees and back. I had a few more sessions until I decided it was time we bought our own and we have never looked back. I would recommend though that if you are going to purchase one for the home (or a spa or whatever) that you do your homework! There are a lot of scams out there – we purchased ours from a Canadian company…pretty good deal and we saved shipping buying online.
    I’m happier at work, I’m back at on the ice…life is good. I just wish the Leafs were playing better!

  16. Excellent information on this site, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn.

  17. Deomari said

    Hi, i have been in a car accident 8 years ago and my knee was hurt very bad. I had no feeling in my knee and it was swolen. The doctors said that no operation will help me. I tried the ionic detox food spa a few times and quess what, i started to have feeling in my leg and i had more energy.
    I don`t know how it works but it does. To all the people that say that this machine is fraud, makes me wonder if they have really tried it

  18. Craig said


    Well, these machines are what brought back my mothers health about 6 years ago. To make the story short, she had chronic fatigue and was very depressed. For my mother being completely active and doing everything possible for us kids to laying on the couch…we knew something was wrong with her. She went from doctor to doctor for over a year. They all kept telling her, nothing was wrong with her. After getting a hair analysis done, she was told she was full of heavy metals. These machines pulled the heavy metals from her body and brought her back to her old self. Our whole family was amazed and wanted to share the Ionization technology with anyone and everyone possible. We have now been selling these machines for about 5 years. Over the last 5 years, there have been so many people that have benefitted from the Ionization process. I know some people find it hard to believe that toxins can be pulled from the body…I was the biggest skeptic at first too. However, we don’t always need to know exactly how things work, as long as it works. I use our 3 in 1 FIT System on a regular basis and will continue to use it to help pull the toxins and prevent diseases in my body. You can choose to believe or not believe in it, that is up to you. I strongly suggest if you do have health issue(s), consider trying 10 sessions and see how you feel. Even if you don’t have a health issue, do 10 sessions and see how you feel. Make sure you are using a quality machine!
    Our tag line is, “The Greatest Wealth is Health!” If you don’t have your health, you don’t have much. Take care!


  19. Craig said

    Sorry, I jus noticed the website did not show up. Incase anyone was interested in learning more or getting their own machine go to

  20. Kathy said

    I am just not sure about these machines. I thought they did work and was very impressed until my husband, the curious electrician, decided to detox a piece of paper towel(!) and got a magnificent resulting bath of all the same muck we get when we use it.

    Does this mean that the detox has nothing to do with what happens to the water or does it mean it is a hoax?

    • Jesse said

      Well it probably means that the paper towels you are using have the same heavy metal and crap in them that your body has

      • Barb said

        I just had this done today, and like everyone else, experienced the mucky rusty water, and yes, part of me really wanted to believe that such a procedure was legit….so, I went to the net for info. good, bad or indifferent…you, know, only one article out of Britian mentioned a ‘Doctor’ having the 1onize foots bath done and actually took samples, had the water tested…sorry folks, nothing but iron/rust….the question is ‘why’ aren’t people following up, finding out what the water contains, especially the so called professional people who are using it as a therophy in their practices?????? One would expect to hear eg. nicotine tar residue or other chemicals, they claim that are excreted, in any water test analysist etc….

  21. Kathy said

    Regarding above comment I would love to hear of others experience.

  22. Tracey said

    I have had 3 sessions of the ion footbath detox now and although the water changed colour, I really don’t feel any different. I did wonder about the rust theory, but I watched a few people having the treatment done and the water did go different colours dependant on the person having the treatment, some went black and thick very quickly, so how is this explained?? On the 3 sessions that I have so far the water has been a different colour each time again how is this explained. I am having these treaments once a week at the moment to see if it will improve my health, I guess I will have to wait and see, I am not convinced either way at the moment, I still have an open mind.

    • Jesse said

      First: The Arrays are made of stainless steel it doesn’t rust ( thats why its called stainless!)
      Second: The water turned different colours with different people because different people have different toxins in them. Thats why each time you get in it turn different colours….different heavy metals

  23. Craig said

    I would like to make a comment about the response above. First, we know the water will change colour without feet in the water. If there are no feet in the water, the ionization has no where to go but work on the water…attacking the minerals, chlorine, masking agents and toxins. If there are feet in the water 20-40% of the colour change comes from the water and 60-80% comes from the body. If you use true distilled water (0 parts/million) and run with no feet there will only be a bit of colour change. We have to remember the colours in the water are great, but another great benefit is that we are increasing the amount of hydrogen peroxide our bodies produce to help kill foreign objects in our body. This is just one form of detoxification and could help you lead a healthier life. If you are wanting to live a healthy lifestyle you must detoxify the body, fuel your body with the proper healthy foods and excercise on a regular basis. If you do all three you can’t help but feel better. 🙂

    • Kay said

      How did you hear about increasing the amount of hydrogen peroxide produces by the body? I’m curious because this is why the Naturopathic Dr uses Vit C infusions for cancer patients. And that is to increase the hydrogen peroxide produced in the body.

  24. M said

    Unfortunately, while lots of people swear by ionic footbath detoxifications, I offer up the suggestion that it’s simply a placebo effect. Scrolling down through these replies, sure there are lots of people who say they’re great, but you can bet that most of them are people who work for companies trying to sell them.
    Please consider this logically — it doesn’t make sense. Do you really think you have chunks of heavy metals just sitting in your body, and that they could really be pulled through your internal organs, muscles, skin, out to the surface — and painlessly, at that — by “ionised” water? Honestly, people. And as far as the water changing colour because it’s pulling toxins out of particular organs, through our feet…. please point me towards the supporting science that explains how ionisation does that one.

    People who find this works are getting better because they believe they’re getting better, not because it’s actually physically healing them in any way.

    • Eric said

      I have been trying for days to locate true scientific backing for the ionic detox systems available on the market. If anyone has located it please forward me the info.

      Thank you,


    • Jesse said

      Yes we do have heavy metals in our body…ever heard of a iron in your blood hmmm I wonder if iron is a heavy metal

      Or how about mercury poisioning, or lead poisioning hmm are these heavy metals….

      Your thinking in terms of gigantic pieces of metal in your body. These peices are at the molecular/micron level. Even though they are that small they can still very much do damage…

    • Melanie G. said

      If you run the ion foot bath without feet in it, the water will still turn colors. Try it.

      • Craig said

        I would check out this video, if you are wanting an explanation on how a detox foot bath works and why the water turns colour without feet in the water using normal tap water.

        M, you are allowed your own opinion and I appreciate you sharing your opinion that you think it is a placebo affect. But first, let me ask you, have you used a reputable detox foot bath for at least a series of 10 detoxes done every 2-3 days? Or are you just forming your own opinion on hearsay of others?

        We have helped tens of thousands of people with all kinds of health issues. This actually helped my mother years ago, when nothing else worked. And I mean she went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist for over 2 years. What did they offer her???? Pills!

        It wasn’t until she started exploring natural alternatives that she was full of heavy metals…mostly mercury…yes mercury is a heavy metal. She spent another trying to get her heavy metal levels back to normal and nothing worked, not even chelation. It was the detox foot bath that finally gave her energy back, that finally stopped her painful joints and finally helped her break through her depression. She of course ate very healthy as well supplemented while she was detoxing.

        When a person takes a Tylenol to get rid of headache, does the average person go straight to Google and search for scientific information that this pill works? Or do they just pop the pill? They pop the pill because the pharmaceutical companies have so heavily marketed this drug, that it has been accepted into society as the “norm”.

        The ionization process in a detox footbath is obviously not marketed by pharmaceutical and not accepted by most people because the average “doctor” doesn’t promote it. Why because they get money for people being sick and the more pills they put out the more money they make. (Not all doctors are like that of course!)

        We have hundreds of testimonials of people having amazing results with our detox foot bath. Myself, I am luckily in great health, but I detox regularly and after a detox session…I always have a ton of energy and just feel good.

        The important thing is, it works. We need to detox people. If you never change the oil in your car, that engine will die a whole lot quicker then if you had regular oils changes. We are eating, drinking, absorbing and breathing in toxins everyday and we all need to detox and we all need to detox on a regular basis.

        So, I encourage everyone to try a reputable detox foot bath. Get your feet in the water and see what results you get!


        If you have questions, you can email me at craig at

  25. johnny herndon said

    Hi, just had a treatment at chiro office yesterday. felt no differently, maybe worse, have a cold! but having an inquiring mind, the girl ahead of me on her 9th foot detox n as many weeks had chocolate brown muddy water after 30 minutes, so did I, I asked the doc why she was so toxic if this thing worked, he said it takes time or treatments for the body to be able to dump toxins, so she is just now getting into it, after 9 out of 10 rounds??? anyway my first visit, and my wifes, right afterward were virtually idential to patient X after 9??? anywy I watched the gizmo in the water on both mine and wifes and the color crud boiled out of unit’s plates in the water, not out of the bottom of our feet????? im here on the web to get answers, and thought I would contribute. ps PLACEBO effect is often huge, some researchers will give you up to 50% or more success rate on all manner of conditions due to placebo alone. What we believe is huge! I believe I am a much better man for the whitehouse than our current marxist! JH

  26. Jessica said

    I thought it might be a hoax too, when I saw it done at a state fair, because the color of the water was the same for everyone doing it. My husband and I tried it, both hooked up to the same machine at the same time (two could do it at once) and I quickly saw that the results and color of the water was very different for both of us. The color of his water was consistent with his medical issues, and mine was consistent with my issues.

    Yes, it can make you dizzy, but I felt it was a good thing overall. I am in the market to purchase a new machine.

  27. Martin said

    Changing the ionic charge in your body will often make you feel good for several hours,sometimes days, (it’s like breathing sea air, also heavily ionized)without detoxifying anything.You will often see the body contact placed at the interior of the wrist,on the acupuncture point 6HC, used to promote joy and settle the stomach.Secondly, for those suffering from long term pain, there is a neural cycle of pain production that has to be broken, be it by treatment, hypnotic suggestion, placebo or footbath.
    So the machines may be working in a manner totally different from that claimed…
    Personally,(and i work in alternative health)i do not think that the list of contra-indications is well documented,and i would not recommend it to people already suffering from skin problems as i have seen some people suffer aggravations.
    It is quite surprising that womens nail polish remains in place despite such a hefty detoxifying process.
    Otherwise it’s a great way to detoxify your wallet.

  28. John said

    This is a scam. See

  29. Betty said

    The ion foot bath is NOT A SCAM. It works very well. I’ve had 2 treatments and I feel much better. I had a bad bout with acid reflux a few years ago. I finally had acid reflux surgery, gall bladder removal, hernia surgery. That took care of the immediate problem but
    my liver did not function properly, leading to high triglycerides. My doctor prescribed RX
    for this but it was bad for my liver so I finally stopped going. I tried to control it with
    diet, but when I was introduced to the ion bath, I thought what the heck? If it works good.
    If it don’t, I’m no worse off. It made me feel wonderful. My triglyceride levels are lower.
    I don’t feel the almost raw pains in my abdominal area. My overall color and circulation are better. Don’t call it a HOAX. It works and I’m thankful for this option. It also works well for people who are getting off hard drugs. We have several young people who are
    being detoxed and they look, feel and act amazingly better. I will read the article noted above, but I can tell you the detox ion foot treatmnet has been wonderful. I will continue.

  30. T said

    I’ve used the foot bath with these conditions…
    80% distilled water, 20% tap water, approx 1 tbsp sea salt. Weight change of the “ionic” water element new and after 5 treatments, negligible. Same result over 5 treatments (2x 1 hour treatments). Lots of brown scum and brown water which has been collected and waiting testing. Going to try 80% distilled and 20% filtered/reverse osmosis water next time.

    Could everyone please post their start/water conditions, ionic element weight, # of treatments, and any other variables that could be helpful? Has anyone had their post treatment water tested?

  31. Lizbeth said

    I have been researching about ionizing detoxification and it’s very difficult to find a well documented answer in regard of if the ionic detoxification really works or not. I tried the footbath machine once and I believe it works. I was having a very annoying hip pain at the time of my first and only session and the pain was gone for about 3 month after the session. I am planning on buying an ionic footbath machine since I am convinced that the one single session alleviated my pain. Also, I found a report that can vouch for in part that ionic detoxification is a great alternative to assist the body’s natural ability to purge itself of toxins. Check this link out:

  32. Nicole said


    Ive had my first foot bath and was also quite freaked out by what i saw in the water. The girl next to me had had 3 and her water was alot clearer than mine. Im going to go for another 3 sessions at the end of the week. I really do feel alot calmer and less fatigued. I usually have a 1 -2 hour nap every afternoon and since the detox i have not felt that urge to nap!! amazing for me!! will keep you posted!! Im going to go with “it can’t hurt” so why not. Im also coming off anti-depressants after 10 years so right now I need all the help I can get….

  33. Joel said

    I’d like to hear from the “scientific” types explain why the Chinese herbal patches work. No iron plates,no splitting of atoms or molecules of anything.

    I dont really think it fair for anybody in the business to post here as it cant be considered objective. Nor do I believe folks who have not tried it should post as its just one’s opinion. This forum is to report your experiences, ordinary folk who have used it to address certain health issues.

    Yes, folks like me with life threatening issues will mostly try anything I guess, but my opinions on forum participation stand. Whether its a placebo effect or not, I wanna hear if it works to positively address their particular health issues. If it stands to improve our quality of life or extend it a while, we should be free to pursure that without harrassment.

    While its a free country and such, I wish you would bow out of participating. There are lots of other forums to corrupt. Thanx.

    I have emphezema, and smoked for 40 years. Anybody out there finds it helps with quitting smoking or ability to breath? Thanx again.

  34. Joel said

    From Alaska Wellness mag pulled from internet – nice explanation of how and why it might work…

    Ionic Detoxification Baths
    by Sandra Talt

    Put simply, you feel great, sleep better, have more energy
    and an improved outlook on life.

    Ionic detoxification baths are a pleasant, non-invasive way for most people to detoxify the body. A computer program runs varying amounts of positive or negative current through a water bath. All you do is put your feet into the water and relax for 20 to 30 minutes.
    While you are relaxing, the water will start to change color, and in a short while, you will see sediment accumulating. Believe it or not, this sediment and discoloration is coming out of your body! How is it so? The negative and positive ions attract toxins, and pull them out of you via osmosis. That is, when the water has a higher negative charge than your body tissues, positive ions will be pulled out of you and into the water. This is good, because heavy metal toxins have a positive charge, and this is a very effective way of cleansing yourself from heavy metal and other toxins. After a few minutes, the polarity switches to positive, and negatively charged toxins will be pulled from your body.

    Different people produce different colors and sediments. With repeated treatments, you will see different colors and sediments coming from yourself. Sometimes an oily residue also appears on the water.

    The benefits of this type of footbath include detoxification, stimulation and balancing of the body’s energy meridians, and increased cellular metabolic rates and ATP production. ATP is a natural body chemical that extracts energy from your food and makes it available for numerous physiologic functions in the body. Put simply, you feel great, sleep better, have more energy and an improved outlook on life. In addition, aches, pains, and other conditions may be greatly alleviated. If you see the sludge that this treatment produces, you will have no doubt about the effectiveness of this modality!

    Certainly, some color and sedimentation appears in the water without a person’s feet in the footbath. However, comparisons show there is a remarkable difference in the colors and sediments seen in the water after treatment of just water, and water and feet! To learn more, visit the website to view comparison lab testing.

    You can have your sediment tested locally by SGS Labs, 200 W. Potter Dr., 562-2343. They can test for metals, petroleum-based substances, and volatiles such as benzene, toululene and xylene. One sample I had tested validated that there was a high amount of lead in the footbath water after the detox footbath. This was important to the client because he had worked at Red Dog Mine, and had high exposure to lead and zinc. Other testing options are before and after hair analysis and blood testing, to track changes in your toxin levels.

    Ionic baths are contra-indicated for people with pacemakers or other electrical devices implanted in the body, people with transplants or on medications that regulate heart rate, or leave you at serious risk if the blood level of the medication drops due to detoxification. This might include medication for seizures, phychotropic drugs, and others. If you are pregnant or lactating, I believe it is best to forego serious detoxification, including ionic baths, since any form of detoxification will leave some toxins stirred up in your body, and toxins can cross the placenta and harm a developing baby, and cross into breast milk. People who are in weakened condition may need to use shorter time in the footbath.

    Most people who try the ionic detox baths feel better. Why not try it for yourself!

  35. christy said

    The ion foot baths work for me. The first time I had it done at a chiropractor’s office, my feet felt lighter, like it somehow decreased the pull of gravity. I have had one in my home for the past year and a half, I use it on a monthly basis. It gives me relief from a bunion, the bunion actually goes down in size. I donate blood on a regular basis, my blood is now a (-CMV) which is a really clean blood suitable for premature babies and people who have auto-immune disorders. In my opinion, the machine is a success for me. I have shared it with different people and the water colors vary with each person.

  36. Betty said

    I know it is helping me. Feb. was diagnoised with Parkinson. I was exposed to alot of chemical in my work. After 5 treatments…went back to my neuro dr. in august. he was amazed. you aren’t suppose to get better with PD…slowly get worse. Well I am so much better.

  37. mark r said

    People you have to just try it! Find a chiro or other holistic practitioner in your area. A single treatment is cheap, and there are some chiros who will let you have the first session free. Myself? Ive got degenerative disc disease (13 levels), was in constant pain, and suffered for 17 years with chronic fatigue. JUst one treatment ONE!!! and I literally felt 20 years younger, had energy, my back pain was significantly reduced. Anyone who says these dont work simply hasnt tried it. THEY WORK!!!!!

  38. Patrick said

    Ion detox does not work, everyone who has tried it has been scammed and will obviously want to say that it worked because they do not want to feel stupid because they shelled out a ton of money. Also, people expect to feel better after doing it, therefore they have already helped themselves(not the ionic footbath) to feel better, then after doing the foot bath they say that the foot bath helped them when in reality there is no empirical evidence supporting the baths, they also want to think that it helped them because of course they payed money for it and if it doesnt work or if they feel like it doesnt work then again they will feel like they are stupid.

  39. oswald said

    I can just say the machine worked wonders for me. After one session only I felt alot better than I have been feeling for the past 30 years. Iwant to purchase my own, a cheap one.Can someone give me guide how to purchase one.

  40. believer said

    I was a sceptic before and after getting my foot detoxed. My mother wanted me to get it done at her salon and she paid for it so i just got it done. Later that day I had energy to clean and organize that I hadn’t had in over a year after having a difficult pregnancy and recently giving birth 4 months ago. Then, the next day I still had energy to paint our new house and move furniture up and down stairs. What other explanation could there be? I willbe getting another one in a few weeks!

  41. SGarrison said

    Just check with REAL doctors. ANY type of Reflexology refreshes. But it is impossible to absorb Ions through the feet and have them come OUT of you to be trapped in water! If this was true what are Dialysis machines for? How many thousands the medical industry is wasting on Millions of people who need their blood cleaned! Keith Richards must have been exstaic at this find! Get a clue people!

    • Jesse said

      Thats exactly right, the medical industry is spending millions upon millions on Dialysis machines…..

      The ionic cleanse doesn’t cost anything essentially. The medical industry is only in business to make money …not to cure you or help you in any way,shape,form, or fashion

  42. Craig said

    It’s Craig here, I wrote on here back in February and March. I have been detoxing with Ionic Foot Baths for the last 6 years and will always continue to do this as I truly believe in them. It makes me feel great and I always have lots of energy after a detox. This is what brought my mother’s health back, so I know it works as long as you buy a good one.
    We actually have a family business now selling the Detox Foot Baths along with other health products like; alkaline water machines, vibration exercise machines, and alkaline nano energy cups. We have had so many incredible stories of people getting amazing results with the Ionization process, it is amazing!
    I noticed that nobody is really writing what the machine’s main purpose is, that is to help detox the body and most importantly bring the body more alkaline. No disease can live in an alkaline environment, this is a proven fact.
    There are a number of ways you can do this, but the easiest and cheapest way is to eat properly! You should try and eat 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods each day. Most North Americans have this backwards and eat 80% acidic and 20% alkaline and this is one reason for the increased disease in our world. You can go to this link to download a free Alkaline/Acid Food chart showing you some of the different types of alkaline and acidic foods. Hang it up on your fridge and take a copy to the grocery store with you, so you can start purchasing the “good” foods.

    Take care!

  43. Craig said

    Oh I almost forgot…another positive with our detox foot baths, is if you live in Ontario we now have this recognized as ‘hydrotherapy,’ which means if you have Massage Therapist(RMT) benefits you can now have the Ionic Foot Bath sessions covered under your benefits. Most Chiropractors in Ontario can do this as well some Natural Paths even other provinces are starting to approve this as well. 🙂 You may go to our website and click the ‘Locate a Practitioner.” Here you can get many different businesses that carry our Ionic Foot Bath. Not everyone can afford a detox machines, so remember you can start being more healthy just by eating healthy and doing some daily exercise.

  44. joseph said

    Hi, I was staying in Negril Jamaica, and went to the medical clinic in town, and Joy gave me a treatment it was great, i felt really good after …if you are in Negril you can try it at Dr. Grant’s office

  45. randi2010 said

    Hmmmm. I’m wondering if this is something that can be done “during” the cleanse?? Also, I happen to have the “Kinoki” cleansing detox foot pads. It’s been a while since I’ve tried them but I know they do look yucky when you take them off in the morning (you wear them over night while you sleep) I wonder if these are a gimmick or if they can actually do some good? Ingredients Per patch: Bamboo Vinegar 1.6g, Tourmaline .02g. detox herbs 1g (wonder why they don’t mention WHICH herbs??), mollient Bae 1.192g and lavender Essential oil .008g (I gather for relaxation?)

  46. randi2010 said

    Sorry, my last comment I should of been more specific…the cleanse I’m speaking of is the master cleanser I am currently on. Thanks

  47. Leslie said

    Due to mis-treatment by doctors some 25 years ago I have suffered with candida throughout my body. Have tried many different products, can’t live on the diet however have been using ion detox for 2 years off and on and find it is the only way for me to control the condition. Was introduced to ion detox by a holoistic practicianer for heavy metal removal another problem I have do to working with chemicals creating glazes for years. I swear by it and have made several units for friends most of the ones being sold are not that effective just have alot of bells and whistles prefer my unit not pretty but very effective. As a side bar have started a MMS program, keeping a journal to see if the combination MMS and ion detox is more effective than either alone.

  48. Susan said

    I was at a psychic/ natural healing convention this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio. My husband sells his art work at art fairs and other places we think he’d make a profit. I’m an RN and when possible I accompany him. I am a total skeptic when it comes to alternative medicine – having practiced traditional medicine the last 25 years. I take antiinflammatories every day religiously for arthritis I have all over my body. About 5 years ago my achilles tendons decided to become severely inflamed. I have been living with swollen painful achilles tendons – the left worse than the right – for a very long time. I’ve shown my physician several times and he shrugs and says, “I don’t know.” I have shown friends who are physical therapists and they recommended stretching exercises – which I did for a little while, but stopped because it was ineffective.

    Back to this past weekend: the couple across from our booth had an aromatherapy booth and they also offered Ionic Detox. They were getting lots of customers and I watched all day Saturday as people would sit for 30 minutes and the water bath would turn any color from tan to black. I thought it was a bunch of hooey. My husband arranged for me to get a detox trading some of his art work for it. I sat and was surprised that the process actually tickled my feet. I got up after my 30 minutes and didn’t really think anything of it. My water had turned dark like everyone else. Much later in the day, after walking around on the concrete floor in crappy shoes, I reached down to rub my achilles tendon out of habit. It didn’t hurt. I examined the area and the swelling was gone. Both achilles tendons were very close to normal size and pain free.

    Now I’m researching ionic detox and other alternative medicine methods that I saw to be effective this weekend. All I know is something changed, healed, my ankles and the only thing it could have been was the ionic detox bath. I’m still freaking out about it.

  49. The first time I had a foot detox, I was recovering from a sinus infection. The infection showed up in the water! I felt much better the next day and my urine was clear for several days.

  50. Tony said

    I look at it this way. When I see all the crap that ends up in the water after a half hour session, I think to myself this is one less thing my body has to do to naturally to get rid of what ever that stuff is.

  51. athena said

    I got my first detox yesterday, and it was really weird. I didn’t expect to feel anything, but I swear it felt like things were moving down my hips and legs, down into my feet, and out. I had watched two ladies before me get theirs done, and their water was nothing like mine when it was all done. My feet and legs didn’t hurt, for the first time in years this morning. And I didn’t take any advil for once.

  52. Jason said

    I had my first foot bath yesterday, was not sure what to expect from it. I have been suffering from very low back pain for the last 9 months, which goes down through my glute, thigh and calf on my right leg. I have been to numerious medical doctors, RFS treatments, physical therapy, chiropractors, neurologists, complete blood work done. The only thing that gave me some relief was a cortizone shot, which I did not want to do, but the pain was just to severe to stand anymore. Pain medication does not relieve this pain, even the heavy stuff does not work. The shot relieved about 50 percent of the pain, the was done early in August. Now most of the pain is back again. Anyway back to the foot bath. I did not notice any relief, I did sleep very well last night for the first time in a while. But the pain feels a lot stronger today. Has anyone felt more pain after having this done? I will try more treatments, because this pain feels a little different. Almost like it wants to burst out of my body. Not sure how else to explain it. Or does anyone have any advice for this pain. Basiclly the orthopedic doctor says it is a slight bulging discs, but yet he can not explain why I am in so much pain.

    • Craig said

      It has been a while since I have written on here. Jason all I would recommend is…do more treatments. You said you slept better which is a great thing as your body repairs mostly when you sleep. The pain feels different that is a good thing. I actually had a similar situation with pain in my leg and through detoxing with the ionic detox foot baths and changing up my diet it disappeared and has not come back. I put up with that pain for 2 years, had I known detoxing was all I needed I would have done it a lot sooner that’s for sure. Not sure if we had the same thing or not. As soon as I would go to stretch my leg I had a shot of pain go up and down my leg.

      Toxicity in a body can do a lot of harm and cause a lot of pain in people.

      We have just put out a new report called, “Your Toxic Truth: The hidden toxins that are most overlooked and common to all.” You can find it at it is for sure a good read. Most people just think about chemicals being the only toxicity out there.

      I also have some previous posts above where you can get a free alkaline/acidic food if you’re wondering how to clean up your diet.

  53. ESSENTIAL KEYS TO DETOXING YOUR BODY FROM CHEMTRAILS!… Himalayan salts, baking soda and ionic foot baths – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

  54. Moe said

    I am a licensed massage therapist and nail technician. I worked at a spa previously that had the Ionic Detox machine and administered several treatments during the 6 months that I was employed there. It was never really explained to me, pretty much a “here just do it becuase we offer it” type of environment. I also never personally experienced it so I didn’t know what to expect.

    I was always curious about whether or not it worked, but before I could get a treatment done…the spa went out of business due to the owner’s poor business skills and money management. I am now working at another spa and decided to purchase a machine on my own. Went online and got one for $20 on Ebay…therefore I wouldn’t feel bad if it didn’t work out. I had the machine for over a year and never really tried it out and am just getting around to using it regularly. I am conducting a group study of 20-30 individuals to test the validity of the treatment and its benefits for the next 30 days. I am not one of these business people that will try to take your money by selling you a pipe dream. Its important to me that this really works and, although I have used it on myself, I know that I need more evidence. I’ll let everyone know how my study goes.

  55. How can anyone trust any of these reviews? Every single review I have read on this website regarding this topic seems to be written by illiterates. Every review contains basic errors which makes me think they are not real or at the very least untrustworthy.

    • Fletcher said

      The word “illiterate” means you can’t read or write. You obviously just don’t like the positive things these people have to say about this techknowlogy and how it is helping them. You say that their reviews have basic errors, but you fail to examin what these “errors” are. So therefore it is YOU who cannot be trusted, not the positive things these people who tried the techknology and found it to work for them. And besides, if they really were “illiterate”, they wouldn’t be able to read or write, so you wouldn’t be able to see their posts here in the first place!!

      Now just think how silly it would look if only your redickulously negitive comments showed up on this site. So if you are going to comment about something on this site, at least do the rest of us readers the favor of getting the meaning of words correct!!!

  56. Illiterate reviewers make me wary.

  57. blah

  58. I live in Nigeria. I use the foot bath along with my family. We feel healthier. I use it and I market it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  59. mari said

    I have received ion foot bath while ago and just found out I am pregnant. does anybody know effect of the ion bath while pregnant? I know it is advised not to use it while pregnancy, but I have not found any explanation why. should I be worried?

    • Luschka said

      I wouldn’t use while pregnant, simply cause you’re conducting electricity through your body and therefore through the baby.

    • Leslie kalaydjian said

      It is because you are (were) stirring up toxins in your body and passing them onto to your unborn baby…When you are pregnant, it is best to leave the toxins where they are, deep in your tissues, for example, buried and “safe”, until your baby is safely born and you are finished breastfeeding….Then, you can do your detoxing, and safely get all of the nasty toxins out of your body, without poisoning your fetus and harming the child any further…

    • Paul said

      Hi Mari,
      Just wondering how your pregnancy and new born are? My wife had a ion foot bath at 5 months yesterday. We cant find any information on this.

      • Chris said

        I believe that the reason NOT to use the ion foot bath is two fold.

        1. Not wise to take any chances with the life you are carrying

        2. Perhaps you may free up and not get rid of all the toxins during a session and these toxins could be harmfully to your unborn precious soul.

  60. Ginger said

    I tried the detox foot bath and I have had no arthritis pain for two weeks. The weather has been all over the place (rain, warm, ice, cold etc.) I thought it was wonderful!

  61. Amit N said

    Date: 14/12/2010, I love massage, spa’s etc. since last 2 weeks i was researching if the foot spa works, saw some people beleive in it but most said its scam. i had tried this few years ago at shopping center and had minor discolouration of water etc. anyway decided to buy this ION spa from ebay which came through china in weeks time.

    Here are the results:

    I tried with half a spoon of salt and saw that the water change colour the moment i put my foot inside. ( i said that cant be right) i went through the whole 30 minute and got the dense discolouration of the water mainly orange with organge particle residues floating.

    Here is the tructh and exposed the scam.>>
    I completed the circuit with putting the metal wire( used for fuse steel look) around wrist band and put that in water. SURPRISE!!! the water started changing colour the same way as the first excercise where i had feet in my water.


    Best way ti detox: is massage, lemonade, be veg for few days , zero alchol etc.

    • Jesse said

      Wow. What on earth made you want to complete the circuit…you obviously have zero idea of how this unit actually works. I have one of these and I would absolutely never ever short circuit the Array thats STUPID!!!

      • Bob said

        You seem to pop up quite a bit when someone makes a negative comment about these machines. Do you have some connection with a manufacture or do you work or own and business that uses this machine. It curious that you are so supportive!

  62. Debbie said

    I bought a ionic foot cleanser in October 2010 and my husband and I used it every second day for about six weeks. The water still turned dark for both of us although it took longer to get dark near the end of the six weeks. My husband, takes no medication of any kind and he felt no difference. However I take hormone replacement medication and anti-depressants and after about five weeks I felt like I wasn’t taking any medication at all. I think the foot bath leached it all out of my system. I quit doing the foot bath and now feel back to normal. I think it does leach out toxins but not good if you are on medications, or maybe we just did it too often.

  63. Edie said

    Apparently for some people ion detox works, and for some people don’t. Do you imagine if some people missed out on using ion detox when it could have worked for them and saved them from health miseries?
    I am inclined to buy one for myself but don’t know which brand. Also, is it safe for those who have internal prosthesis (i.e. Trach/trachea)? Has anyone actually brought some samples of these dirty elements to a lab and find out what these elements really represent?

  64. If you want to see a great You Tube video on how to properly use a 3 in 1 FIT Ionic Foot Bath. The gentleman in the video explains everything in plain English. Go to

  65. Bridget said

    Hi all, I tried the Foot Detox just for the heck of it last week and I have noticed when I wake up in the am I’m not all groggy and zombie like anymore. My alarm goes off and I’m up and ready to go! Also, when I jog my knees aren’t nearly as sore. I’m also a smoker and I can jog longer and not feel out of breath so fast. Everyone has their own opinion I guess but I just I’ve seen a difference! Hope this helps =]

  66. john Rambo said

    I have a question, for any science types.
    Is there any risk to having a full body ionic bath?
    why is this done only as foot bath why not whole leg bath or whole body bath? if it does what it claims to do can more toxins be pulled out from a larger contact area?

    • That’s a great question John. I would like to answer your question. It is not recommended to detox the whole body as you may detox too fast. When doing any kind of detox you should be doing it gradually. When detoxing we are releasing or moving these toxins around and then they are put back through our cleansing organs such as the liver and kidney’s. If you detox too quick it can me too much on your system and could cause you to have a ‘healing crisis’. If you would like to read a good article on a healing crisis, please to this article.
      I hope I have answered your question for you. If not, please feel free to contact me through the contact form on or give me a call.


  67. shannon said

    the ONLY way to know is to send the water away to a lab and get it tested for heavy metals. test a vial of the before water and after… not that hard really….

  68. Michele said

    I just had my first one done today it was on the house just to show me the toxins and of course she was not swaying me to detoxify with them it is for a weight loss challenge that I am doing and they offer different services it is a health and wellness center anyway i saw a lot of green and some brown i saw bubbles which means yeast but the color that it mostly turned has to do with joints and funny because ihurt my knee the other day and my knee is swollen and hard to walk leaving there my lower legs feel totally relaxed and my knee pain is decreased I am a skeptic also but it did something my heels of my feet had a slight orangish red normally to them and i get regular pedicures and after this ionic bath they are flesh tone hmmm just giving my results i will see if my knee feels any better tomorrow but it sure feels a lot better right now

  69. vettepiper said

    LOL This is so funny. All you people think that this works and thats OK; you’re free to do so. It’s a shame that in life we get taken in so often. Just try this — instead of using your body to complete the circuit use a copper wire. Put one end in the water and the other end connected to the electrode apparatus that connects to your body. Guess what, the water will turn the same way.
    The iron and deposits in the water come from the probe.
    Now would you believe it works?

  70. Flora said

    Does it have side effects? if yes, what are the side effects?

    • helen said

      I just want to say yes. the side effects is: you will temporarily lost some electrolytes followed by the waste out, so if you are healthy, you don’t have to do or you feel no different . If you keep doing, you will feel tired.
      Also I want to reply to Vettepiper of #69, your test just demonstrate it works , because we people from different point of view are part of metal, and some of the heavy metal and toxicity are stock at the bottom of our feet because of gravity. Even we have very little of toxicity it enough to make us sick.
      If People who got positive feeling after detox can means everything. Medicine drugs’ side effect is much worse than this.
      I suggest, if you feel sick and seems nothing could help, why not try, maybe it will make you feel better , just remember add electrolytes and vitamin. I personal get short release of a lot of uncomfortable.

  71. helen said

    I just want to say yes. the side effects is: you will temporarily lost some electrolytes followed by the waste out, so if you are healthy, you don’t have to do or you feel no different . If you keep doing, you will feel tired.
    Also I want to reply to Vettepiper of #69, your test just demonstrate it works , because we people from different point of view are part of metal, and some of the heavy metal and toxicity are stock at the bottom of our feet because of gravity. Even we have very little of toxicity it enough to make us sick.
    People who got positive feeling after detox means everything. Medicine drugs’ side effect is much worse than this.
    I suggest, if you feel sick and seems nothing could help, why not try, maybe it will make you feel better , just remember add electrolytes and vitamin. I personal get short release of a lot of uncomfortable.

  72. vivian said

    I went to try my first ion detox yesterday. I am not here to say it works or not works. Just saying what I think.

    Firstly i have to say there are different machines, some of them may be fraud. I cannot deny that. For people who thinks it does not work, have you thought about this possibility?

    I did see the light yellow stuff coming from the machine(which makes me wonder). But that doen’t explain anything. It could be a fraud machine or it is an important substance.

    After 30 mins I felt light headed and relaxed. But that doesn’t explain anything either. As you all know, there are pressure points related to organs in your feet. The light headed and relaxed feeling could have come from 30min warm foot bath.

    Try to have regular foot bath, just warm water, and do some foot massage yourself, see how you feel afterwards. That’s what i am going to try

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  75. Hilda Gafee said

    I also wonder the science behind it. Anyone knows?

  76. yes, it does! We have one at home and we use it every week. We have had an ion cleanse machine for over 6 years now and it has done wonder for us. I have arthritis and whenever my hands start to hurt I know it is time to do a cleanse again. It always works, the pain is gone. The ionic foot bath is great for taking acid out of your system and acid is what causes arthritis and other diseases. You should try it somewhere at a health facility close to you and see what you think. If you would like some more info, you could check out my website. I would be willing to share more or answer any of your questions. To your health!

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  78. ofoegbu christopher said

    i have experienced it just once. It’s fantastic n i’m looking forward to not just doing it but having the machine.

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  100. BECKY said

    I am a firm believer that it works because I had a really bad pain in my knee for a while and after a couple of treatments the pain is almost gone. Also I had a bladder problem that is virtually gone. My husbands backpain is gone. We do the Ion foot bath therapy 2 times per week. It is especially good for diabetics, my mom’s water leaves white yeast floating on top. It has helped other people I know with their arthritis, etc. It WORKS!
    I do it as part of my Amway sales of healthy organic/biodegradable products to my customers and they also believe in it. Some having large health problems are taking the Amway vitamins and doing the detox 2 times per week and have had wonderful success.

    • It is great to hear stories of other people who are benefiting from the ionic foot baths. I do it twice a week too and it is wonderful against arthritis. Good to hear your story. Hopefully all the skeptics out there will be convinced one day. God bless!

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  111. Jaba said

    I find it interesting that for as many decades as this device has been around that a simple study has not been done. Get 100 volunteers. Randomly assign them to either an ionic footbath or a sham device with warm water that pumps out discoloration into the water. Follow with questionnaire post treatment, immediately, 12hrs, 24, and 1 week. If both groups report similar outcomes, guess what??? It’s easier for companies to operate with “perceptions” and “feelings” justifying their product…just conduct a study and publish it!

    I Really do find it amusing when the justification is “the medical community does not want to cure, but only keep you buying their meds for corporate profit…”. Guess what, on the flip side of those demonizing western med, there is someone trying to make a profit selling you their version of health. It’s $$ in one direction or the other. I say just eat healthy, avoid processed food and don’t take multivitamins unless they can demonstrate utility without harm. Simply research studies on multis…Not a very good track record, but too often we use common sense justification that if we don’t eat good, it will patch things up. No…they don’t. Vit d and fish oil are fabulous…again, look at the studies. Ok…enough of my personal soapbox!

  112. Jaba said Look…here is an ongoing trial that will prove interesting results

  113. Jaba said Results of a study

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  116. dave mack said

    seem obvious but has anyone tested the water following a session? If so are all results the same?

  117. D said

    I have noticed that ALL the links associated with this very (VERY) long page of comments lead to the EXACT SAME PAGE!!! It has different urls, so it looks like different links. I do not believe that anyone has done as have I, in checking every single link listed on this page! Should you do so, you will definitely find that they are all the exact same page, and are related to one particular person who has been making comments on here. Also, many of the people who are leaving comments are not giving any name! I believe that the “owner” of the “link” on the page is the one making all the positive comments~! Just sayin’……

    • Sheila said

      Lol I would leave my last name but with the creepers in the world these days it’s not worth that to me. I’m just laying in bed minding my own business trying to locate a foot detox for a friend if mine in the state she lives in, might I add because of my results, then I come across this discussion and thought I would see what people are saying.!
      I was like you at one time, because my ex husband has been doing this a couple years now. Now I know why.
      Open your mind up, what’s it going to hurt if you feel better.

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  119. Kaylee said

    I just experienced a foot detox yesterday because my friend had shown me some very fascinating pictures of what had come out of her feet. So i had felt if thats what comes out I indeed would like to try it. I go into things skeptical and ask many questions before doing so. I did not have time to google this yesterday until recently and it bums me out because there sure are many doubt about it so I go back and forth on wondering is this real or not! Here is my story though.. A school and buses with diesel fuel are behind my house , i airbrush people and of course from polution in general my lungs aren’t doing well. I noticed i cough up specs of black . I am planning on going to the dr asap just got health insurance anyways… Ive been tired because of this and just havent had a ton of motivation. So when i did the detox she hooked it up to my chest and alot of bad stuff came out from my lungs and other stuff although i felt lighter and better afterwords i wasnt sure i was convinced until i realized that there was no more black anymore i tried and tried and nothing.. And i have had this problem for quite some time . Because of this i really do believe it works. Also my friend had a worm and parasites come out of her feet. How would yoy fake that? Im all for any explanations but this whole thing is very interesting and if it really is real its amazing

    • mtp said

      I wonder if it’s occurred to anyone that parasites cannot come out of your feet without leaving a hole of some kind. Have you looked at your feet? There aren’t even pores in your feet! How do the parasites get out? This whole thing is a scam, in my opinion.

  120. Kaylee said


  121. Hannah said

    Wow, some of you people really need to get an education. Actually, the feet contain some of the largest pores in your body and yes parasites can come out of these pores. My co-worker (who is NOT a naturopathic believer) did an ion foot detox and he said he saw probably around 50 little worms in the water. He also said he had a horrible hangover before the detox and immediately after felt great, hangover was gone instantly.

  122. Ryan said

    I just had an ionic detox for the first time today and was very skeptical about it. I have runner’s knee in both knees which I’ve had for 10 months and a frozen shoulder from joint pain resulting from excessive exercise. I am doing a treatment therapy using heat (42 C) and electro therapy and the ionic bath is part of it. I don’t know whether I will see real benefits but since nothing else seems to be working I think “what the heck? Might as well give it a try.” I felt very relaxed after the ionic bath and am planning to continue for a while to see if there’s any significant improvement in my joints. I will update if I see any improvements.

  123. I appreciate you sharing this blog post.Actually trying forward to learn more. Awesome.

  124. Luba said

    People will be sceptical because this is not a quick fix, it takes time. Before I bought my own machine i was renting from naturopatic doctor for $200 a month and in the begining didnt believe like many of you but after using every second day on my 7th session the water was almost clear. I forgot to mention that i had heal problem it was so painful i could hardly walk but after 4 session all the pain vanished, try it and be patient it will take time but it will work, my family uses and they see the difference.

  125. Gloria Boothe said

    I am very surprise that the men with erectile dysfunction did not come forward and testify what happen after getting a detox! I have a patient that did three session with me detoxing by using the ion detox method. His testimony was that he had problem having an erection and now he is as hard as ever . So all those men who have this problem I would suggest you give it a try. I have treated another lady who have joint pain so bad she could not walk unless she hold on to another person , after giving her one session she walk home without holding on to any one. Another patient who walk with a stick because of joint paint she put a way her stick after one session.If you have no proof that it do not work why don’t you give people who have very excruciating pain to get a chance for relief . It also relieve my sister who live in USA relief from a bad pain in her hip! she could not afford to be skeptic because she could not stand long enough without having to stoop.I am glad that I can be of help to take some people out of pain misery. Other people get rid of scar, having their blood pressure lower , get relieve from cramps, cold and flu and even addiction from smoking cigarette. I have a brother who is H.I.V. positive he was treated for about 3 times and when he went to the doctor he said I can hardly see anything. Right now he is buying selling fruits and has not had a relapse in a long while.I know that is work for me too and it gives me the most beautiful skin tone. I am not doing this for money only , but I do it for free for old and poor people who cannot to pay just to see them disease free.I hope this will help people who could get help and is listening to those who don’t have a clue of what they are saying. The Ion detox is amazing,

  126. Tori said

    I have just tried the Biocleanser and to be honest I cant say if it works or not….The water got dark and murky WITHOUT my feet in it…I tried to experiment with it in different ways…with salt, without salt…sill the same findings…..having my feet in the water was no different than having my feet not in the water…the water got dark and murky/oily both ways….,,,,,so how is it that this works?….I have been reading all of the responses and almost everyone love and swears that it works wonders..,,,,,,,I just havent seen how it can be this amazing when the water changes without any body parts in it???…I would like someone to address this if you please.,,,,thanks………..

    • Dr. Williamson said

      It’s a complete and total scam. The positive comments are all people who have a vested interest in promoting it. IT DOES NOT WORK.

      • Craig said

        Dr. Williamson…have you tried it? Have you had 10 treatments and you can honestly say you didn’t feel better? Or are you just commenting for something to do? What kind of a doctor are you?

      • Sheila said

        Dr. Williamson ,
        Sorry but I haven’t made a dime from talking good about the foot detox. I’m just one person in this big world expressing how much better I feel, and how removing toxins kick started my diet back , and I’m do gratefull for a Dr. that open minded to steer me in that direction. 🙂

  127. Joe Benson said

    I had received two foot detox treatments. The results are amazing. Can’t wait til my next treatment. Be careful though. I can see myself getting addicted. Do not talk bad about this treatment until you try it. Remember to take your vitamins.

  128. Isabella Tsagae said

    I was impressed with the ionic detoxification in that warm bath. I also followed with Ozone Sauna therapy. I want to try colonal cos I want to get rid of my tummy. Hope it’ll work for me.

  129. Isabella Tsagae said

    Plse furnish me with Institutions that offer this training. I’m so impressed and wish to start a business at my brother’s practice.

  130. Sheila said

    I was skeptical in the beginning, about the foot detox, and had been dieting but got to a point where I stopped loosing weight. The doctor that was supervising my diet suggested the foot detox. He said that sometimes the liver is so full of these toxins that he has seen, foot detox cleansing kicks starts the diet back. Especially with having a gallbladder removed, the liver is trying to work harder . Well guess what I tried thinking what do I have to loose! It worked! A day later I weighed again and had lost 4 pounds, I was on a roll again, and now I try to get one every week. Since doing this regular I feel better. I would suggest it to anyone!

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  132. Fla Guy said

    My wife received is engaging Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbs etc) as a compliment to Western medicine to treat her liver disease.
    She received the foot detox today. She hasn’t noticed much result yet except for feeling lighter, but there were parasites and other yucky stuff in the water.
    My point is this:
    Her doctor is doing this for free because we have a past relationship and he just wants to help my wife.
    So to say this is purely a scam in quantitatively false.
    Why would a doctor engage in a scam with a friend for zero profit?
    It is at worst not effective, but to say it is purely a scam is incorrect.

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  135. Rhonda said

    I have Tried both but wasn’t impressed with the foot pads. I had a bath yesterday and they had a color chart saying what color it should be for certain things. I have joint problems so mine matched that. I am a believer!!

  136. Reece said

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  137. Michele said

    I’ve had three foot detox sessions done. I take a number of medications for chronic pain, adrenal insuffiency, psoriatic and osteoarthritis, neuropathy and narcolespsy. For almost two years I suffered with edema in my legs and feet. I have been to at least 10 doctors to resolve the issue. The cardiologist gave me water pills which had me urinating every five minutes for about 4 hours a day. The edema would return within hours and I was told by the cardiologist that it’s part of the aging process. I’m only 54 yrs old – not 80. So, after three detox sessions I am edema free. I’ve made no other changes in my life. I am a believer.

    • HL4Y said

      Hi Michael…We hear amazing stories like this everyday! We have been promoting this technology since 2003. So happy to hear your results! It’s amazing what your body can do once you relief the toxin build up from your body. You might want to get FREE E-BOOK…it’s called Your Toxic Truth: The Hidden Toxins that are most Overlooked & Common to all. You can get it at

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  139. don said

    I looked at this whole page. I am absolutely certain these machines work. I believe in ion power via electricity. I have never tried the machine but know about negative ions for the body. I have used E-power machine for years very happily. I connect the belt to my waist and sleep with it all night. When I wake up in the AM I am detoxing, groggy. I take a coffee retention enema and become SUPER CHARGED. I was looking at this foot machine as a way to get toxins out of the body without going through the lymph, blood, and skin, and thus avoiding the detox feeling by having it go out into the water. I found out that it still causes general detox effects generally in the body, so there’s no way to avoid them.
    I would prefer the E-Power machine because I don’t need the inconvenience of water, salt, cleaning, sitting in a chair. I can use my E-Powere waist strap in many ways and even sleep in it. So convenient.

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  143. PENNY said

    The first time I heard about foot detox was on TV. I got curious and did a Research on the subject. I phoned my daughter in another city and told her about it and told her I would get an appointment to try it. I told her about all the benefits they claimed. I got an appointment for the next week. Same day, a few hours later, my daughter called me.. Guess What! I called this Spa where they have foot detox and they have time available and I already tried it. A lot of stuff came out on the cleansing specially metals (accumulation obtain on her job). The slivers of metals were obvious. She used to suffered of all kind of symptoms including fatigue and the PMS were awful. A few weeks later she called me and we compared notes… Well she felt better than ever no pains, no fatigue, headaches, insomnia and NO PMS. She was happy. In full summer I was wearing heavy boots as I had a small fracture in my big toe and couldn’t wear sandals. I was always a healthy woman except with some join pains here and there and some stress. The join issue was shown in my detox immediately , but when I left I notice my toes was not hurting. The next morning I had to walk quickly to the bathroom and in the rush I just wore the slippers and I noticed that there was no pain on my toe and I had no trouble walking. I felt also relaxed and less anxious. I did not overdo my walking with sandals, but I got another appointment. No more problems with my toe and could wear any kind of shoe. I schedule the appointments for once a month twice and saw the water clean as my joints were not a problem anymore. I stop going.

    A few years later my lymph nodes were swollen and my white cell count was elevated. The Dr. said I was fighting something. Let’s wait and see. The gland around my neck became each time more swollen and painful. After other blood test, my Dr. said you have Cancer I’m sure of it. I said it is impossible because it does not run in my family. His answer was We all have to die sooner of later. I asked me to send me to an specialist. He gave me an appt. for 2 days more. I left thinking in alternatives to reduce the size of my lymph nodes. Suddenly I remember the foot Detox. I called them to find out if they have an opening and lucky me , they did. The container got filled with lymphatic fluid in minutes, the woman came to check and immediately took my chart to compare it to my other visits. She looked at me and asked me if I saw a Dr. and wanted to know if I had symptoms etc. I told her that I was there to give it a try out again to see if it would be making any difference on the size of the lymph nodes and the pain. That evening the pain had gone away and the lymph nodes seemed smaller. The next morning I had nothing … the swollen glands had disappeared and so was the pain. I forgot about it. When I went to see the Dr. he saw me on he hallway and stopped. He looked at me weird and said What did you do to yourself? I said ..I don’t know what you are talking about. He got closer and touched my neck in both sides. He said … Oh they are there but so small .. He asked me to go to the room and wait for me. He was curious and wanted to know. I told him he would not believe me. Well, He had never heard of it and he said if it works for you Why not. 3 years later finally I was diagnosed with CLL (Chronic Lymphositic Leukemia) now is 5 years. I never stopped going for foot detox. Since They took such a long time in sending me to an specialist. I did Research and find out I had Leukemia but I did not know which one. I went to see a Clinical Hematologist /Nutritionist and she told me immediately after examining my blood that I had CLL so she put me on a treatment of Vitamins and Minerals to rebuild my system (I was very weak). I got swollen lymph nodes all over the body and I kept them in check with foot detox. They gave me an excellent package deal as it was for therapeutic reasons and I will need to go often. They offered treatment for the CLL and I refused it. Today all the lymph nodes went back to normal and the last test done by the Clinical Hematologist showed my liver and spleen cleaned, and all the contain lymphatic fluid normal. All the lumps disappeared (went to normal size) When I get stressed out the neck ones get swollen and as soon as I’m calm again they go back to normal. Finally the FDA approved a product that cleans the blood (natural product) and you will not believe the amount of stuff that came out in the cleaning and my platelets are 90% healthier. Think about it… where does it goes all the material that our body does not need? Not all comes out in a bowel movement or the urine. The foot detox pull it all out. One thing though… they always have to use a new array with me. If not the session for me is wasted. I know my body and I can feel the ions moving through my body. They are like little ants working its way out. I have tried everything in a natural way and finding alternatives AND FOOT DETOX has been INSTRUMENTAL in my case.

    I heard that obese people, the ones that do drugs and smoke too much sometimes had little worms coming out of their feet. I don’t have those kind of habits, but at the beginning I was always staring at the water in case something moving will come out… 🙂

    My daughter said Mom, you should have bought a machine when you started to use it so much.

    Beware, I had gone to other places (when I couldn’t get an extra appt. ) and the people don’t know what they are doing and they try to give you senseless info. and they have equipment that does not work well. Lack of training? Faulty or poor quality equipment? Whatever the reason the results were almost NIL , not as expected… waste of money. People are happy when they don`t know any better and they don`t have anything to compare to.

    This is a complement to help IT IS NOT A CURE. (In my case with excellent results) If I have been in Chemo I could not have been able to do Foot Detox. It would have interfered with the Chemo as it takes it out of your body.

    • Craig said

      Wow, Penny what an amazing life story. Thanks so much for sharing! It really is an amazing technology and has helped so many people. It helped my mom over 10 years ago with joint pain, chronic fatigue, stomach issue, etc…from too much mercury in her body. You are right, it is not a cure but it is amazing what our body is capable of healing when we have ionization in the body and remove the harmful toxins from our body. We created a business after my mom got better so we could share this technology and health information. If you want you can read a short version of our story at

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  145. Rob said

    I am a bit skeptical so I am testing these things out..
    some Stainless steels do rust and are magnetic just depends on the grade. Took my first cleanse last night with tap water. Tonight will be will tap water but no feet, then distilled water same procedure, then filtered water. When I have to add a little salt for conductivity it will be non-iodized table salt, not sea salt or iodized. Trying to limit ionizable variables. Will update

    • Craig said

      Hi Rob,

      I too was extremely skeptical back in 2001-2002. I also did these tests!

      Let me explain a bit of what I have learned. With tap water and feet are immersed 60-80% of color change comes from the body after an Ion Detox session. 20-40% of the colour change will come from the water when feet are immersed. Evidence of toxic particles in the water will be greater when feet are immersed.

      The toxins in our bodies will be similar to the toxins and pollutants common to the region. Chinese acupuncturists recognize regional toxicity as it relates to ailments that are predominant in a given area.

      For example, some regions encounter higher joint complaints, while others report increased kidney/bladder problems. It may be suggested that toxins found in a particular region gravitate to a particular part of body, and cause it to break down.

      If you use “true” distilled water (A dead water, no minerals or chemicals) there will be a very slight water colour change. I don’t suggest getting distilled water from your grocery store, get it from someone with a quality distiller.

      If you are using a quality detox foot bath(not a $200 eBay buy), I know you are going to feel good and have amazing results! Please remember the colours are just one little thing, it is really the ionzation that is the key factor here and how we are getting that into out bodies.

      I will be honest with you…. we now have a business since 2003 that in 2007 has designed and developed the 3 in 1 FIT Detox Foot Bath that we now sell to professionals and the general public. We have helped so many people with their health, it is incredible!

      See in 2001-2002 my mother was very sick with Joint pain, chronic fatigue, stomach pains and issues and with all that came depression. It was the detox foot bath or ionization that brought back her health. Believe me she tried a lot of things in 2 years trying to get herself better. I won’t go into the whole story, but if you are interested you can read more at

      Hopefully I have helped here a bit! I wish you great health!


    • for what it's worth said

      What did you find on testing Rob?

      • HL4Y said

        For what it’s worth…
        There are many things you can buy out there on eBay and if that is what you choose to do there is nothing wrong with that. However, a $200 machine in my eyes is not going to be a quality machine and it may or may not put both negative and positive ions in the water. Leaving you unsure if your body is worse off because now it is unbalanced when only using one polarity.

        We get calls all the time of people who bought the $200 or the $500 machine on eBay asking us to fix their machine OR will our arrays fit their machine.

        Often times people selling on eBay are there today and gone tomorrow. And all the time they are just distributing products whereever they can find the best “price” deal. Not even knowing if the manufacturer is worthy of being in business or not.

        I suggest buying from a reputible company that will give you proper customer service, answering your questions, providing great health information to improve your health and that are going to stand behind their products. You buy off eBay you have a very limited warranty, if there is one.

        Some people are always going to buy on price and that is why we have manufacturers making cheaper and cheaper products that don’t last. So, you can buy cheap and not be sure if it works and probably replace it in under a year or sooner.

        Or you can buy quality and know you are buying from a company that actually understands health and you don’t have to worry as you have a 6 year warranty. I see that much better than buying from someone who is selling detox foot baths on one page and Ipod’s on the other page. You know what I mean?


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  153. Chris said

    I would like to know which Ion Foot bath to purchase that delivers the best results for the best economical price.

    I had a Ion Foot bath last Saturday and will be having two more. My first experience leads me to believe that I did not experience placebo being that I have a known medical condition and some organic sludge showed up indicating the same. I felt cleanser also.

    Please be truthful and straight forward!

    • HL4Y said

      Hey Chris,

      I tried to reply to this before, but I guess they did not let it go through. So, I guess this time I have to keep it very short. I would recommend our 3 in 1 FIT Premium Detox Foot Bath. It has 3 powerful modalities on it: Far Infrared Heat, Ion Detoxification and TENS. We are a family owned and mostly operated business since 2003. Our system comes with a 6 year warranty.
      We are in this business to help people with their health and help alkalize their bodies. You can read our story at From there you can explore our Detox Foot Bath. If you have questions, please call or email them.

  154. carolyn said

    Recently i have had several diagnosed diverticulitis attacks and an UTI. I am scheduled for a colonscopy on monday so i thought I’d start the process with a foot bath on friday. My mother had given me a gift certificate for two baths. She swears by them and has two a month to relieve her nuerapathy. The first bath i did the water only turned a little brown. But this time….WOW. Within minutes the water was yellow/gold. The lady said “you must have a bladder infection or an UTI. After about 10 minute s the water was brown and green, the lady asked “have you been having stomach problems”

  155. Maria said

    I stumbled across a place that had these ion detox baths (and I’d never heard of them or seen one before) one day while I was visiting friends in another city and killing time. I was a bit skeptical but thought what the hell. At the time I was a big drinker/smoker and I was amazed! The water was totally putrid brown/black at the end of it with all these “floaties” some of which was probably skin. I really do think I felt better afterward. I’ve just recently found a place in Brisbane that has them so I’m going to have another one tomorrow.

  156. for what it's wroth said

    I’m normally a skeptical person – however – I’ve tried these machines in different locations several times. I was amazed by the following: my first urination after trying this was clear instead of the usual yellowy colour. My arthritis in my fingers at the first knuckle tip is quite bumpy on several fingers and is slowly getting worse with pain (still very mild discomfort/awareness really) and when I have this done, my fingers become suddenly flexible. Thirdly, living in humid climate and pretty much always wearing open shoes, my feet can sometimes get smelly and it totally eliminates this. Now, I’m not sure why I even tried it or thought it would do but I guess it was just to rid toxins from the body – but those are the most noticeable things I have noted from using these machines sometimes in succession (a package deal) and sometimes one off occasionally. I never went to clear urine, arthritis or smelly feet – however that was what it did for me and if they’re something you relate to – well – give it a go!

  157. for what it's worth said

    One more thing – I had a bruised toe that I had kicked in the night and was quite sore and swollen the next day and badly bruised (the kind that would take over a week to go back towards normal) – I had a couple left of those other type you buy from the health food shop that have the smelly stuff in them that you stick to your soles. I stuck that around the bruised to area – AMAZZZZZIING – the next day the swollen toe had totally gone down and my bruising was starting to fade. Highly recommend for that purpose.

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    The test was based on blood samples before, during and after, and urine samples before and after the treatment. Same test can be replicated giving the same results every time so, this is a scientific fact, they work (at least with uric acids).

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  168. Saul said

    First of all I have tried it with and without my feet in the bowl, I have tried it with different grades of stainless steel and the brown crud which is iron oxidising from the stainless steel surface and forming rust in an ionic solution. That is a given and part of the process! There can be other colours present too, and whether they are indicative of an instant detox im not qualified to say all I can account for is my observations.
    So, my observations are as follows:
    After a 40 minute session I feel much more relaxed.
    I sleep better at night.
    Skin conditions (sores) seem to heal when they haven’t previously.
    My feet tingle like Ive been walking on a beach.
    My eyes are clearer.
    I have less headaches.
    Less bloating.
    More energy.
    The white coating on my tongue has lessened and is slowly disappearing.
    Im getting pains from old injury’s that have never fully healed and overall they feel better as if the healing process is starting to finish or complete what it started, as the sessions have continued the pains have decreased and better function has returned to the once injured limb and digits. (broken ankle and broken thumb)

    My opinion is thus: the mechanism by which this device works must be on several levels. ionic – in that it imparts a -ve charge that is healthful to us when we are mostly in a +ve charged and toxic environment so it would help to normalise natural elimination pathways that would otherwise remain blocked.
    Whether toxins do pass through the feet is a good question but we know that the lymph in adults reaches to the extremities of the feet so it is highly possible that some elimination occurs this way.
    So to put it simply it is highly likely that foot ionising detox bath does improve energy, increase vitality, improve liver, kidney function – it has been shown to alkalinise acidic blood, enhance mood, lower blood pressure etc.

    Relying on colour of the bath use is a futile argument when the body should be measured for effect.
    There may be other mechanisms at play here not least placebo but that would only be one of the many effects.
    We are all different and have varying sensitivity, those less so and of a more robust nature physiologically might be more inclined to label ionising treatments a hoax, whereas those who are more sensitive may claim it to be a fact.

    My experience does not lead me to believe anything at all – It does work, it energises the body helping it to heal itself, detox itself, balance itself.

    It might be useful at some stage for health professionals to measure tangible physical traits so that changes can be logged and in time a theory can be ascribed that defines the mechanism more clearly.

    Those who havent tried it should

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      The 3 in 1 FIT Premium Detox Foot Bath by Healthier Living 4 You, is the one I use. I love this machine as it has the heat belt, the ion cleaning part and a TENS machine. I am happy with my purhcase and they are really helpful there. They also called me a couple months after I got my machine to tell me they put their warranty to 6 years from 2 years. So, I was really happy about that.
      The detoxing I do about twice a week and it has really helped me with my arthritis and energy levels. I am also drinking alkaline water as they provide that in the package, so I think that is help me as well. I believe they have a 30 day money back guarantee as well, but don’t quote me on that. Check out their website or call them to find out for sure. Hope this helps

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    • Hey Wendy! So glad you are detoxing! That is a missing link in most people’s lives, if everyone would do it we would have a lot more healthy people out there! We always need to remember that 20-40% of the water colour change is from the water alone if you are just using tap water. We call it regional toxicity…depending on what is all in the tap water will also change the colour of the water. There are minerals and chemicals often found in tap water. So, 60-80% of the water colour change is from the body.
      Ionization is an amazing process and has helped many people with many health issues. I’m glad you are finding it is helping you as well!

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