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Chocolate Facial Recipe

Posted by healthylivingtoday on February 22, 2008

Got this great recipe for a Chocolate Facial from Carole Fogarty at the Healthy Living Lounge – one of my favorite blogs:

The Authentic Chocolate Facial Recipe:

5 tablespoons raw cacao (cocoa powder) (sold at most good health food stores.
3 tablespoons organic honey (the darker the better)
3 – 5 tablespoons plain organic yogurt
A splash or two of oatmeal to bind

(This can be used on your hair as well.)

Mix the honey and cocoa powder together adding as much oatmeal and yogurt as needed to create a smooth yet thickish paste. The wetness of yogurts can vary greatly and will affect the consistency of the facial, so start with 2 tablespoons and increase as needed.
Note about the honey: Not all honeys are the same. According to an Illinois Research Program, the darker the honey is, the less water and the higher the antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content. Honey is antibacterial and antifungal, which supports the healing process of cuts and wounds.
Warning: Chocolate facials are addictive so administer wisely. One per week is the recommended dosage.


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